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Make a unique statement for the holidays with black and white Christmas trees from Treetopia. Ours feature lush, premium quality PVC needles on fully hinged branches for easy assembly. Each is crafted with a color-matched tree stand, so it’s stunning from top to bottom.

Choosing Between Black or White Artificial Christmas Trees: Lights On or Off?

Make a black or white Christmas tree stand out even more with lights. Choose clear lighting to give your holiday ornaments an inviting glow. Select multicolor lights if you're going for a more whimsical look. The price of pre-lit black or white artificial Christmas trees vary depending on the type of lights and the tree height. If you’re going for understated elegance, pick an unlit Christmas tree, which is also a more affordable option.

Decorating Black and White Christmas Trees: Ideas and Tips

Give your space a modern twist with a white or black holiday centerpiece. These are popular alternatives to the traditional green Christmas tree. It's easy to find decorations that will complement white or black Christmas trees. You can make more happen with less. If you're looking for inspiration, here are a few decorating ideas:

  • Frosty Palace - Channel your inner ice queen or king and decorate a tree fit for a winter wonderland! Explore fun themes from fictional characters, series, and movies. How about ornaments inspired by Game of Thrones or the animated film Frozen? A Jack Frost-inspired tree is another fun idea. Recreate scenes from Nightmare Before Christmas for a slice of Halloween during the holidays. Look for decorations shaped like snowflakes and icicles to complement your main ornaments. Stick to wintry shades like silver and pale blue aside from white and enhance the cool palette with glitter and lights.
  • Touch of Gold - Accent your black or white tree with a festive metallic shade. Look for a variety of matte black and gold ornaments. Glitter tree picks, tree garlands, and ribbons work, too. Use lots of white and hints of gold for minimalist Scandinavian décor. Keep it classy with a faux fur or plush tree skirt.
  • Candy Colors - Add sweet notes to your blank canvas. Play with cheerful tones like cherry red, mint green, lemon yellow, and bubblegum blue. Consider ornaments with in-season designs like peppermint candy. Don't forget to cap off your delightful tree with a dainty topper!

A Black and White Christmas Tree for Every Occasion

Decorate with a Christmas tree for other occasions throughout the year. Halloween trees have become popular fixtures at parties Hang ornaments shaped like bats, pumpkins, and other icons of the season. Why not use candies as ornaments for a touchless trick-or-treat tree?

Put up a black or white tree for New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, birthday parties, and more. Let it serve as an interesting conversation piece for all your events. Match it with a black or white garland and wreath, too!

Create a beautiful backdrop for any occasion with any of our black and white Christmas trees. For more color options, shop our full collection of colorful artificial trees. Or visit the Treetopia site to filter our collections by size, fullness and light option to find the best artificial Christmas tree for you!

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