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Express your wacky side with Treetopia’s upside down Christmas trees. Our inverted Christmas tree is one of our most unique trees yet. Let your love of the unconventional shine!

Trace Back the Roots of Upside Down Christmas Trees

Did you know that inverted Christmas trees have a fascinating history? Supposedly, they date back to the Middle Ages. According to various sources, it all started with a Benedictine monk named Saint Boniface. He used an inverted fir tree’s triangular shape to represent the Holy Trinity. Some say this symbolism was used throughout Europe until the 19th century.

Another piece of upside down tree history is that it’s based on an old Polish tradition, where the top or a branch of a fir tree is hung from rafters. This was done as part of the Christmas Eve vigil supper known as Wigilia. Families decorated the tree with fruits, wrapped sweets, and ribbons.

As you may know, hanging trees didn’t become a norm around the world. Bernd Brunner, author of Inventing the Christmas Tree, says it’s probably because plastered ceilings were eventually favored over rafters.

Are Upside Down Trees Right for You?

Inverted Christmas trees are statement-making décor for homes and commercial spaces. The widest part of the tree is at the top, so you can showcase more ornaments at eye level or higher. You also have more space for gifts under your Christmas tree. Plus, if you have toddlers, you can display decorations out of their reach.

Treetopia's Knocked Upside Down artificial tree isn’t hung from the ceiling. It comes with a sturdy color-matched tree stand. Fully-hinged branches make it easy to set up, lush needles make it a joy to decorate. Fall head-over-heels in love with this unique inverted Christmas tree holiday centerpiece.

A Head-Turning Thrill: How to Decorate Upside Down Christmas Trees

From classic to whimsical, many decorating themes will look gorgeous on an upside down Christmas tree. And not just for Christmas but other occasions, too. Here are some head-turning ideas to explore:

  • Twinkling Tinsel

Wind tinsel garlands around your tree. For ornaments, you can use pom poms. These are more lightweight compared to heavier decorations. You don’t need to worry about breakage in in case they get pulled by gravity. Consider stringing LED lights to make the decorations twinkle even more.

  • Chandelier Effect

Give your upside down Christmas tree a dose of shimmer with shiny geometric ornaments. Complement the decorations with a beaded tree garland, draped in a scalloped pattern, just like a vintage chandelier. Complete the look with Christmas lights or clip-on electronic candles.

  • Easter Bunny's Giant Carrot

For a whimsical take on Easter, how about a carrot-themed tree? Use lightweight paper crafts like folded fans or origami. Display monochromatic Christmas ornaments in various shades of orange. Then, cap it off with a tree topper that looks like a bouquet of carrot leaves.

Shop upside down Christmas trees at Treetopia! Bag it up in one of our offered storage solutions, too, and make it match with our wreaths and garlands. To explore more options, check out our full collection of traditional artificial Christmas trees and colorful Christmas trees.

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