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As the saying goes, “big things come in small packages.” This holds true for the 4 ft artificial colored Christmas trees from Treetopia. Don’t let their size fool you. They come with plenty of decorating opportunities and are never short on style just like any of our colorful trees.

4 Ft Artificial Colored Christmas Trees for Small Rooms

Let the colorful foliage and your ornaments do the talking as you display your small tree in your compact space. Our 4 foot colored Christmas trees suit studio apartments or homes with a low ceiling. They're ideal as a second Christmas tree for the master suite or your kid's bedroom. A small colored tree can even serve as your little dose of cheer as you work in your home office.

4 Ft Artificial Colored Christmas Trees as Tabletop Accessories

Display a mini Christmas tree on a tabletop and let it serve as the focal point of the room. Create a merry and bright scene by setting it on a sturdy console table or a bookshelf. You can even surround the tree with your favorite holiday accents like a fun-size Christmas village! Another option is set it on top of a side table in the living room or your bedside. Also, why settle for the usual lamps or lanterns when you can have a brilliant 4 foot pre-lit colored Christmas trees instead?

Mini Trees Call for Tiny Ornaments

Smaller ornaments naturally look great on 4 foot colored Christmas trees. Look for mini Christmas balls, snowflake ornaments, or pinecones to help you decorate. Don't forget to finish the look with a cute tree topper, too! You can also craft ornaments yourself and personalize your tree. Another option is to use regular-sized tree decorations or go for a dramatic look with a few 'oversized' ornaments. The lush branches can accommodate these accents—just make sure not to overload it, of course. For sparkle, string fairy lights and other lighted ornaments on your tree. Or why not simply opt for 4 foot pre-lit colored Christmas trees that were made to dazzle?

Decorating 4 Ft Artificial Colored Christmas Trees for Year-Round Celebrations

Transform any space with low headroom for your occasions throughout the year. Make your house parties even more fun and memorable with 4 foot pre-lit colored Christmas trees as décor. Aside from Christmas, a mini tree makes a unique centerpiece for the following celebrations:

  • Halloween - Complement your Halloween tree with tabletop pumpkins, skull figures, cauldrons, and more.
  • Easter - Decorate your colorful artificial tree with Easter eggs and spring flowers.
  • Independence Day - Deck your tree in stars and stripes for the Fourth of July!
  • Valentine’s Day - Make a lovely picture backdrop with hearts and blooms for a romantic photo op.
  • Cause Awareness Days - Show your support for a charitable cause or special awareness days for social issues.

Pair your short tree with colorful Christmas wreaths and garlands. Match it with a garland or wreath in the same hue or a complementary shade. Make a statement with these accessories as they spruce up your mantel, entryways, and other areas of your home.

As an alternative, check out our traditional green Christmas trees under 6 feet. You’ll find delightful mini versions of our bestselling green artificial trees like the Balsam Spruce. If you’re looking for more options, shop our full collection of artificial Christmas trees. Find a fabulous centerpiece for your celebrations at Treetopia today!

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