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There's no need to sacrifice style and cheer even if your space is small. Add any of Treetopia's gorgeous 4 to 5ft artificial Christmas trees to your holiday display. Each is crafted with durable materials and inspired by real evergreens like spruce and fir. Small but big on quality, these short yet wonderful 5 foot Christmas trees will set the perfect merrymaking scene, season after season.

Lush Branches & Different Lighting Options

Like the rest of Treetopia’s traditional Christmas trees, those under 6 feet have lush branches. After inserting the sections into the tree stand, gently drop the fully hinged branches and take the time to fluff the needles. Make sure the branch tips are fully fanned out. Once you’re done shaping, you’ll have a beautiful miniature version of its real counterpart.

Choosing an unlit five foot artificial Christmas tree gives you more decorating flexibility. Another option is to select from various lighting options, such as clear incandescent, clear LED, and multicolor LED lights. We also have Color-Changing LED-lit trees, so you can easily switch from clear and multicolor lights depending on your mood or theme.

Are 4 to 5ft Artificial Christmas Trees Right for You?

Add Christmas cheer to any compact room with small traditional trees. These 5 foot models are good alternatives to larger artificial trees. They let you save on floor and storage space by fitting in most tree storage boxes or bags. Plus, they can be set on an elevated surface to keep them out of reach of small children and pets.

Aside from these reasons, some people also opt for 4 to 5.5 ft Christmas trees to save on costs. The smaller the tree, the smaller the price tag. You won't need as many ornaments and lights, too. That means setting up your tree and taking it down will be quicker and easier compared to taller trees.

Decorating Ideas with 4 to 5ft Artificial Christmas Trees

Still not sold on downsizing your Christmas tree? Here’s a list of decorating ideas for five foot Christmas trees that won’t cramp your style:

  • In the Bucket or Basket

Let a metallic bucket or weaved basket serve as your Christmas tree skirt for a rustic look. Take note that not all containers will work—they must be wide enough. Consider the base of our short trees, so you can pick an appropriately sized vessel. For example, the 4-foot Balsam Spruce with a full silhouette is 33 inches wide.

  • Stacked Up

Are you placing your tree against a wall or corner? Place it underneath your favorite picture frame or hanging mirror. Hang Christmas stockings or a wreath nearby. Visually stack your décor to draw attention away from the tree’s height.

  • On a Pedestal

Tabletop trees are usually 3 feet and below, but you can boost the height of 4ft or 5ft Christmas trees by placing it on a table. Give your tree the illusion of being taller than it is by draping a long tree skirt over the stand and table. Surround the foot of the tree with tabletop ornaments, figurines, or gifts to complete the cheery scene.

View Treetopia's collection of five foot artificial Christmas trees for small holiday centerpieces that are big on fun! Have a look at our other colorful Christmas trees and visit our blog for decorating inspiration.

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