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Symbolic of the holiday season, a lush, green tree is likely one of the first things that come to mind when you think about Christmas. Fresh, live trees are always awesome, but they require a lot of work for the upkeep. Instead of getting a real tree, why not go for a traditional artificial Christmas tree that you can enjoy for years? Treetopia’s wide range of traditional green artificial Christmas trees are designed to fit your desired look, whatever your budget may be.

A Myriad of Shapes

Treetopia’s traditional green artificial trees come in a variety of shapes to suit your style and space. Light up any room in an instant with the merry and majestic feel of a traditional full tree. Want something out of the ordinary? Deck your halls with slim or pencil trees, or better yet, try a quirky upside down tree! On the other hand, flatback and corner trees are ideal for dorms or apartments without skimping on holiday cheer.

Add Some Twinkly Magic

A Christmas tree wouldn’t be complete without a little sparkle. Treetopia’s traditional artificial Christmas trees come with either classic incandescent lights or energy-efficient LEDs. Choose between a warm, candle-like glow or a playful mix of jewel tones. You can even enjoy a light show at a touch of a button with our Color Blast technology. Customize the colors and effects to match your mood and get festive!

Decorating Traditional Green Artificial Christmas Trees

A green tree is the perfect blank canvas for your design, whether your style is more traditional or out of the box. Get crafty and let your loved ones join in the fun! DIY ornaments give your traditional Christmas tree a truly personalized and sentimental feel.

A traditional green artificial tree is also a great backdrop to showcase trinkets from your travels. Let your worldly ornaments and vintage collectibles stand out amidst the warmth of classic evergreens.

Find a Tree That’s Perfect for You at Treetopia

Whether you're searching for a traditional green artificial Christmas tree, or looking for something more unique, Treetopia has got you covered. Explore our selections of traditional green and uniquely colorful trees to suit your distinct style and personality!

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