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Silver Christmas Trees
Shine above the rest with a dazzling
display of these silver Christmas trees.
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Tinsel has put the sparkle in Christmas trees for as long as many of us can remember. Silver tinsel garlands draped around trees are common. But, silver artificial Christmas trees take things up a notch with tinsel branches from top to bottom. These shimmering metallic Christmas trees make dazzling accents for your holiday display. Bring glittery cheer to your home, office, or event space with a silver Christmas tree from Treetopia. It's a fun opportunity to work with a different color palette other than the usual red or green, while staying true to the magic of the holidays.

The Rich and Colorful History of Silver Christmas Trees

Did you know that tinsel dates as far back as 1610? It was made of actual silver then. The shredded strips of precious metal were a pretty sight but tarnished quickly. When they did, it was far from merry and bright. Eventually, the shiny foil of today replaced the heavy and costly metal.

As for the history of the silver tinsel Christmas tree, it's one of the first non-green trees ever. Silver-colored trees made of aluminum started being manufactured in the mid-1950s. They were trending up until the mid-1960s with blue and red Christmas balls as the favored ornaments. Eventually, the aluminum 'Space Age' trees became pricey collector's items. These days, if you want that vintage vibe without breaking the bank, you can opt for silver Christmas trees instead. Made with tinsel, metallic-toned PVC foliage, or a combination of both, Treetopia's silver Christmas trees are a perfect addition to your retro holiday theme.

Decorating with a Silver Artificial Christmas Tree

As you've probably guessed by now, a retro theme is usually the go-to when decorating a silver artificial Christmas tree. For holiday decorations, pull out your heirloom ornaments and highlight their charm by displaying them on gleaming branches. Opt for a silver pre-lit Christmas tree for a magical display. Alternatively, hang vintage red and green ornaments. Shiny violet Christmas tree decorations, bright pink ribbons, and rainbow-colored tree garlands look fabulous on tinsel, too.

The glittery fun doesn't have to stop at Christmas. Keep your silver tree up for a New Year’s Eve party. Decorate a fireworks-inspired centerpiece by adding golden embellishments. Fast-forward to Christmas in July, silver tinsel Christmas trees can also be summer-themed. Decorate with cool hues like teal and turquoise or with cute ornaments like sundae cones. And, for Halloween, let your tree substitute in as a disco ball for a retro costume party. The shiny possibilities are exciting, don't you agree?

You don't need much to dress up your silver artificial Christmas tree. A few ornaments with bright hues pop against the tinsel. Of course, you can also go over the top if that's your thing! Embrace the shine and hang ornaments and other trim on your metallic Christmas tree. Bring on the elaborate ornaments because why not? You can also keep the decorations to a bare minimum, especially if you're working with a multicolor tree or a sparse variety. Find wreaths and garlands that complement your decorating theme, too.

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