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Make your holidays merry and bright with Treetopia's artificial colored Christmas trees with LED lights. These colorful LED trees are available in assorted hues and designs. Showcase your unique personality and decorating style with these LED-lit trees.

The Benefits of Artificial Colored Christmas Trees with LED Lights

Did you know that LED lights last thousands of hours longer than traditional incandescent? In fact, according to the US Department of Energy, LED Christmas lights can be used for up to 40 holiday seasons. They also shine brighter and save more energy. Plus, the bulbs are encased in epoxy lenses, which are less fragile compared to glass.

Treetopia’s pre-lit LED colored Christmas trees come with light strings that are professionally hand strung. This means less time and effort wrapping your Christmas tree in lights and more time to decorate.

Show Your True Colors

Select from a variety of artificial colored Christmas trees with LED lights. Find the hue that suits your colorful expression. Choose from full or slim Christmas tree profiles to suit your space and decorating needs. The bright LED lights in color-matching strings enhance the vibrant foliage. Here are some of the colors you can choose from and a few tips for each:

  • Black - Create sophisticated and eclectic displays with this versatile tone. Be bold with your ornament choices and let your artistic side shine.
  • White - Treat the tree like a blank canvas where most color combinations work. Go with the flow and let your imagination guide you.
  • Pink - Play with pastel colors that complement this sweet hue. You can also pair it up with darker shades to make a striking statement.
  • Silver - Turn up the shimmer factor with glitter ornaments or clear decorations. Another option is to use ornaments with a matte finish to create contrast.

When one hue isn’t enough, choose from our LED-lit patterned trees. How about a two-toned tree featuring black and blue? Or why not show your love for country with a tree in the colors of the American flag? Another option is a tree that gives you a light show. Consider Treetopia’s Color Blast Christmas trees with 10 light show presets. Our innovative LED colored Christmas trees also allow you to customize the brightness, speed, and color settings.

Light Up Your Celebrations with Colorful LED Trees

Make an LED-lit colored tree the star of your holidays. Have fun displaying your collection of festive ornaments, or craft unique decorations for the season. Aside from Christmas, dress up your tree for Halloween, too. Decorate your LED colored Christmas tree with scary or whimsical ornaments. Black and white make a great base for various designs, but other colors work, too.

Besides Christmas and Halloween, put up a colorful LED tree for New Year’s Eve, Easter, Thanksgiving, and the Fourth of July. Simply switch your ornaments to match the occasion. Then, don’t forget to update your room decorations. Match your bright tree with a lighted wreath or garland. Select from hues that are identical or complementary to your LED colored Christmas tree. Decorate with ornaments or accents, according to your theme of choice.

Shop artificial colored Christmas trees with LED lights at Treetopia! While you’re at it, browse our full collection of artificial Christmas trees and colorful Christmas trees.

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