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Make your classic green Christmas trees look anything but ordinary with fun multicolor lights. Treetopia’s pre-lit multicolor Christmas trees allow you to transform a traditional display into a festive holiday highlight that’s truly you.

Pre-lit Multicolor Artificial Christmas Trees for Convenient Set-up

Say goodbye to the time-consuming task of hanging light strings on your own with our pre lit multicolor Christmas tree options. Our pre-lit trees are hand-strung by professionals to offer the best coverage while hiding unsightly wires. To make assembly even easier, some of our Christmas trees with multicolor lights come with our Quick Set technology that connects light strings within the trunk. This feature lets you light up your tree with a single plug, so there’s no need to worry about getting wires tangled up.

Types of Christmas Trees with Multicolor Lights

Get a pre-lit, multicolored artificial Christmas tree that meets your style and space requirements. Choose from a variety of light effects, sizes, shapes, and foliage types to find your ideal Treetopia Christmas tree.

Light Effects

Make it merry and bright with a steady glow of festive colors, or switch things up with delightful dancing lights on your pre-lit multicolor Christmas tree. Get a multicolored pre-lit tree for a constant stream of jewel-toned lights or opt for our color-changing LED-lit trees so you can go from clear to multicolor at the touch of a button. Meanwhile, our Color Blast LED multicolor Christmas trees allow you to choose from 10 pre-set light effects or adjust the brightness and animation speed to your liking.

Height and Shape

No matter how big or small your space, you’re sure to find a pre-lit, multicolored artificial Christmas tree for your home. Our Christmas trees with multicolor lights range from under 6 feet to more than 8 feet tall. To get the perfect height, allot at least six inches of space between the ceiling and the top of your tree, including the tree topper.

Measure your floor area to make sure your tree won’t cramp your space or seem too underwhelming. The most popular Christmas tree shape is the full tree, which features a lush, conical profile ideal for wider rooms. Slim Christmas trees with multicolor lights are perfect if you’re decorating a smaller room but still want the look of a full centerpiece. Choose a pencil pre-lit multicolor Christmas tree for an elegant display that takes up half the space as a traditional tree.

Foliage Types

Foliage plays a huge role when choosing an artificial Christmas tree that fits your style and budget. If you want a tree that looks like the real thing, get one with mostly PE (polyethylene) needles designed to mimic real evergreen branches. For a more affordable option, check out our classic PVC trees that showcase the appearance of traditional artificial Christmas trees.

Welcome the holidays in vibrant color with pre-lit, multicolored artificial Christmas trees. Browse our entire selection of artificial Christmas trees and breathtaking colorful Christmas trees. Visit our blog for more decorating tips and ideas to help make this holiday extra special.

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