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Light up your holiday season with Treetopia's selection of LED Christmas trees. Let an artificial Christmas tree with lights brighten your celebrations, whether at home or any other space.

Choosing Artificial Christmas Trees with Lights: LED vs. Incandescent

LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes shine brighter compared to traditional incandescent lights. The bulbs are also more energy-efficient and last longer. Pre lit Christmas trees using LEDs may cost more than those with traditional lights. However, it's a good investment since you'll save on energy expenses and need fewer replacements over time. These are just some of the benefits of choosing LED Christmas trees.

Select from a variety of realistic trees with lifelike needles molded from PE. Or, choose a more economical and traditional tree crafted from PVC foliage that come in a variety of shapes: full, slim, and pencil. Green trees with warm incandescent lights and unlit artificial Christmas trees are another option. String your own Christmas lights to create a radiant display. Alternatively, hang lighted tree ornaments or add shiny decorations.

Cozy Up Your Space With a Clear LED Christmas Tree

Give your space an inviting glow by decorating a Christmas tree with clear LED lights. Imagine relaxing with a glass of eggnog in a living room illuminated by twinkling lights. Or, set a merry and bright ambience for your holiday meals with a pre lit LED Christmas tree in the background.

Put your cherished ornaments in the spotlight with a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree. Decorations made of glass or covered in glitter look even prettier with lights reflecting off their shiny surfaces. Put your pre lit tree in a room with a fireplace or flameless candles. This gives the tree a dazzling effect whenever you turn on its lights. Just make sure to position your tree a safe distance away from your fireplace.

Merry Multicolor Lights that Make Eyes Glow

Choose from green trees with color-changing LED Lights for a custom animated display. Switch from clear to jewel-toned lights or program your own light show with the various settings of the Color Blast Balsam Spruce. With LED technology at your fingertips, all your space needs is a swipe of the remote to make it party-ready. Adjust the shades, speed, and brightness of the Christmas tree lights. Or, browse the 10 pre-set options and go for the one that best suits your d├ęcor or mood.

Quick Set Artificial Christmas Trees With LED Lights

Our Quick Set Christmas trees offer easy holiday decorating with light strings that are seamlessly connected within the tree trunk. Look for artificial Christmas trees with lights labeled 'QS' to see your options. Just stack the tree sections and pop one plug into your electric outlet to illuminate the entire tree. Plus, the lights are professionally strung for a clean look, so you don't have to deal with tangled wiring. Treetopia's pre lit Christmas trees come with a plug found near the topmost branch tip. It's so easy to attach a lighted tree topper to cap off your sparkling centerpiece.

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Shop our pre lit Christmas trees today! Want to explore more options? Check out our colorful artificial Christmas trees with LED lights to find the perfect tree that lets you do the holidays your way.

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