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Add sparkle to your holidays with Treetopia's artificial Christmas tree with clear lights. These are professionally hand-strung for your convenience. Make a clear-lit tree your dazzling centerpiece for the holidays.

Which Artificial Christmas Tree with Clear Lights Suits Your Space?

First, consider the space you’re decorating. Measure the area to check if your desired tree will fit. For example, the width of most 7-foot trees with a full silhouette is 50 inches or more. If you’re working with limited space, opt for slim and pencil trees with a narrower profile. Other options are space-saving flatback and corner trees that you can hang on walls or fit in corners. Then, there’s the matter of height. If you have a low ceiling, consider one under 6 feet.

Other Christmas Tree Considerations

Consider the foliage types of your tree, too. Realistic artificial Christmas trees made of PE needles have the most lifelike appearance. Meanwhile, classic needle trees crafted with PVC are more cost-efficient. Another variation in foliage is flocking. Needles are dressed in faux snow for a Jack Frost-nipped appearance.

After deciding on needle type, explore other features. Look for the “Quick Set” label if you want to light your tree with ease from one of Treetopia’s pre-lit Christmas tree options. All lights strings are automatically connected within the trunk while setting up. All you need is a single plug illuminate your holiday centerpiece.

Put Up Your Pre-Lit Christmas Tree with Clear Lights All Year Round!

Who says you can’t decorate your tree for other holidays throughout the year? Let your imagination fly, as you get creative with ornaments for various occasions. Here are a few decorating ideas for a pre-lit Christmas tree with clear lights:

  • Romantic Valentine’s Day Date - Spend the sweetest day of the year with a Christmas tree-lit dinner. Exchange love notes and other romantic gifts. One idea is to decorate your white Christmas tree with clear lights using pink heart-shaped ornaments and red ribbons.
  • Hoppin' Fun Easter Egg Hunt – Use a Christmas tree as the hiding place for your hand-painted eggs. You can also decorate your tree using the eggs as ornaments and set the kids on a mission to find certain designs. First one to find the egg and bring it to you, wins a prize.
  • Independence Day Bash - Decorate your centerpiece with red, white, and blue ornaments for the Fourth of July. Let the pre-lit Christmas tree with clear lights symbolize the stars in the American flag. Then, craft a tree topper to look like a fireworks display. Other decoration ideas are a tinsel bouquet or a lighted starburst tree topper.
  • Classy, Creepy, or Crazy Halloween Party - There are so many ways to dress up a green tree for Halloween! Go sophisticated with golden pumpkins or traditional Christmas ornaments in black and white. Want something scarier? Transform your tree with ghouls, goblins, and scary critters for a haunted house set-up. Another idea is taking inspiration from shows or films. Craft ornaments based on your favorite characters!

Find your artificial Christmas tree with clear lights at Treetopia! Also, check out our full collection of traditional artificial Christmas trees and colorful Christmas trees.

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