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Create a light and merry atmosphere with pastel Christmas trees that are easy on the eyes. Treetopia’s selection of pastel color trees in light shades of pink, purple, and blue let you add a soft touch to holiday traditions.

Pastel Christmas Trees for Holiday Decorating

Pastel color Christmas trees are the perfect choice if you’re looking for something different this festive season. Instead of classic bright reds, why not try softer rosy hues for your holiday décor? Our Rosé All Day tree offers a stylish new way to welcome Christmas with its shiny champagne pink needles. For a subtler look, opt for our Pretty in Pink tree that comes in a powder pink shade. Complete the set with matching Pretty in Pink wreaths and garlands to create a display that’s pure eye-candy.

Christmas trees in cool blues and lilacs create a calm ambience amid the hustle and bustle of the season. These shades also provide a unique spin on an icy winter wonderland theme. Decorate with light-colored accessories like white, baby blue, blush, and lavender ornaments for a pleasing pastel look. Why not go for a monochromatic look and mix and match ornaments with different shades of the same color? Blue Christmas trees are best paired with teal, turquoise, and cyan ornaments. Meanwhile, lavender trees go great with mauve, magenta, and deep purple accents.

Pastel Color Christmas Trees for Year-Round Celebrations

Transition your pastel trees from Christmas to Easter with just a few tweaks. Start by replacing holiday ornaments with painted eggs in Easter colors of yellow, pink, light green, and robin’s egg blue. Then, add Easter-themed décor such as chick and bunny ornaments.

Brighten up special occasions and intimate gatherings with pastel pink and blue trees. These trees make for delightful decorations at children’s birthday parties, gender reveal bashes, and baby showers. They can also serve as staple decorations in your kids’ room or play area.

Choosing the Right Christmas Tree for Your Home

After picking out the perfect pastel shade, you need to choose a tree height and shape that fits your space. Trees under 6 feet are great for places with low ceilings, like dorm rooms and studio apartments. Meanwhile, 6 to 6.5 feet trees are ideal for areas with low to medium ceiling heights. For homes with average ceiling heights, 7 to 7.5 feet trees are the most popular choice. If you have a larger space with a high ceiling, opt for Christmas trees measuring 8 feet tall and above.

To determine how wide your Christmas tree needs to be, measure the width of your allotted floor space then subtract a foot from this number. Get a traditional full-shaped tree if you have plenty of room to spare. For narrow areas, slim trees are a stylish space-saving alternative.

Light up the holidays with pre-lit pastel Christmas trees. Our clear-lit trees come with warm white bulbs for a classic look. If you’re all about color, choose pastel trees with matching colored lights. Unlit trees are also available if you’d rather use your own light strings.

Browse our selection of pastel color Christmas trees or our full collection of artificial Christmas trees today. Visit Treetopia’s website to find unique Christmas trees for every personality.

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