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Welcome the colors of fall into your home any time of the year with yellow and orange Christmas trees. These colorful trees add a pop of autumnal beauty to your decorating theme. With their striking hues, yellow and orange artificial Christmas trees are sure to liven up special events and even those small, everyday moments.

Decorating Your Orange and Yellow and Orange Christmas Trees

For an eye-catching holiday display, deck your yellow and orange Christmas trees with accessories that complement their vibrant foliage. Dress them up with purple, blue, and teal ornaments for an interesting contrast. Yellow and orange artificial Christmas trees also work well with neutral shaded ornaments like black, white, and silver, or even other autumn hues such as red and brown.

Yellow and orange Christmas trees lend a bright and cheerful look to celebrations beyond Christmas. For a spectacular Halloween display, decorate an orange Christmas tree with black ornaments, fake spiders, and other spooky trinkets. Delight guests with a fall-inspired tree for Thanksgiving and harvest festivals. Meanwhile, a yellow artificial Christmas tree would make a stunning backdrop for summer parties.

Choosing the Right Yellow or Orange Christmas Tree Height and Shape

Before you jump into artificial Christmas tree shopping, make sure you have the right size in mind. Christmas trees ranging from four to five feet tall are ideal for small spaces like dorm rooms and studio apartments. This size is also perfect if you want a miniature version of your tree for your kids’ room and other secondary areas.

For spaces with low to medium height ceilings that range from seven to eight feet, consider our 6 to 6.5 feet trees. Our popular 7 to 7.5 feet trees are ideal for mid-sized homes with standard ceiling heights. Bigger trees measuring 8 to 9 feet tall are made to be seen in spaces with higher-than-average ceilings. If you have a two-story foyer or living room, go grand with 10 to 12 feet trees. Trees of this size are commonly used in commercial spaces and public displays.

Treetopia offers artificial Christmas trees in full, slim, and pencil shapes to match your floor space and preferred style. Full trees are well-loved for their traditional lush profile that requires a wide floor area. If you want a classic full look but have limited space, our slim Christmas trees are a great alternative. Spruce up tight corners with the elegant, slender silhouette of a pencil Christmas tree. Thinner trees also leave more room to move around and entertain guests.

Lighting Options for Yellow and Orange Artificial Christmas Trees

Add zest to your yellow and orange Christmas trees with lights. We have pre-lit trees that are professionally hand-strung for easy set-up. Complement your orange Christmas tree’s autumn tones with the warmth of traditional clear lights. Some of our colorful trees come with matching lights for an extra festive display. Unlit trees are also available if you want to hang your own lights or let the vivid foliage shine on its own.

Go bright and bold for the holidays with our selection of yellow and orange artificial Christmas trees. Browse Treetopia’s website to find a tree that matches your unique personality from our full collection of artificial green Christmas Trees. Decorating for Halloween? Check out our collection of spooky Christmas trees in orange and black shades. For more decorating tips and tricks, visit our blog.

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