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Go glam for your year-round celebrations with a gold artificial Christmas tree. Add flair to your décor and make your parties shine. Find a chic holiday centerpiece from Treetopia's collection of gold tinsel Christmas trees.

How To Decorate with a Gold Artificial Christmas Tree

Typically used an accent, gold brightens up spaces and complements several hues. It pops against dark and light neutral colors, especially white and black. Gold Christmas trees take it up a notch by serving as a focal point in your home, office, or event space. A gold tree is a bold statement piece, whether it's minimally decorated or totally blinged-out.

One way to decorate gold trees is a 'less is more' approach. Make the shiny foliage stand out with just a few ornaments. For example, start by wrapping a silver ribbon around your gold tree. Then, add a dozen tree picks or Christmas balls and top it off with a big bow of ribbons. Or, forget ornaments and let lights do the work by decorating a gold pre-lit Christmas tree.

Another idea is to accent a gold Christmas tree with soft hues. Consider romantic shades like blush or rose gold aside from white. Alternatively, look for decorations with a metallic finish that match your gold tree. How about golden tree garlands paired with bluish jewel-toned ornaments? Or, go for a classic Christmas color palette with reds and greens. Decorate with shiny burgundy or emerald ball ornaments and glittering floral picks. Go all out and complete the trendy metallic look with a sparkling wreath or garland.

A Gold Christmas Tree Glitzes Up Any New Year's Eve Party

Watch the ball drop in style with a gorgeous gold tinsel Christmas tree! New Year's Eve is usually celebrated with swanky parties or reunions at home. If you're ringing in the new year, why not decorate your space with a glimmering gold tree? If you still have your Christmas tree up, simply switch out the decorations to fit the holiday. Add a fireworks-inspired tree topper or champagne-colored ornaments to match your toasts. Fun fact: the Latin name of gold is aurum, which means 'shining dawn.' So, let a gold Christmas tree be your way of ushering in bright beginnings.

Gold Artificial Christmas Trees for 'Glamoween'

Planning a glamorous Halloween party? Match your gold tree with your aesthetics. Decorate it with glittering masks for an elegant masquerade. Bring out your black and white movie posters and art deco finds for a vintage Hollywood vibe. Or, transform an entire room with accessories that look like they were given the Midas touch like golden pumpkins, skulls, and witch hats.

Add Flair to Year-Round Affairs With a Gold Tree

Gold tinsel Christmas trees spice up other special occasions like a 50th birthday celebration, known as a golden milestone. Plan Fourth of July get-togethers with fireworks-inspired décor. Roll out the red carpet and a fancy tree for awards show viewing parties. Gold trees are versatile. You just need to be crafty with your ornaments, depending on the event.

Find Your Own Gold Artificial Christmas Tree at Treetopia

If you want to add a touch of glam to your holidays, consider getting a gold artificial tree. Make it a part of your year-round celebrations, too. Shop our sparkling collection of gold Christmas trees and other colorful trees today!

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