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Create a gorgeous holiday display with a full artificial Christmas tree. Check out Treetopia's line of lush green centerpieces with a classic shape. Once you buy your own, you are one step closer to showcasing your unique ornaments, season after season.

Premium Perks and Features

Keep it real-ish—no green thumb required! These artificial Christmas trees mimic the look of real fir, spruce, or pine evergreens. Each one is handcrafted by experts with densely packed and flame-retardant needles. Here’s what you can expect when buying a Treetopia tree.

  • Lifelike Foliage - Choose from realistic trees with injection-molded PE needles. Other options are classic trees with traditional PVC foliage.
  • Sturdy Fully Hinged Branches - Assemble and store your Christmas tree with ease. There’s no need to attach or remove branches.
  • Color-matching Tree Stand - Treetopia trees are stylish from top to bottom, and most come with a premium stand in a shade that complements the foliage.

Full Pre-lit Christmas Tree Options

Looking to do away with stringing hundreds of bulbs on a full artificial Christmas tree? Select from our pre-lit artificial trees with professionally hand-strung lights. Aside from convenience, these minimizes the appearance of wires. Pre-lit trees that are over four feet tall also come with an on/off foot pedal. Also, it’s fitted with a socket on top, so you can easily connect a lighted tree topper. Consider these innovative light features in some of our pre-lit selections, too:

  • Quick Set Technology - All lights are connected through the trunk upon setup. Simply plug in the bottom section. Then, attach the upper sections and see them automatically light up.
  • LED Color-Changing - Easily switch from clear to multicolor lights and vice versa. Select the setting that suits your mood or decorating theme with the touch of a button.
  • Color Blast Trees - Explore any of the 10 pre-set light shows or create your own. Adjust the brightness, speed, and shade via remote control.

Decorating Tips for a Full Artificial Christmas Tree

Decorate full Christmas trees in a variety of ways for the holidays. Red and white décor are foolproof choices. Metallic ornaments in gold and silver make dazzling accents for the tree, too. If you want to do a unique decorating theme, here are some ideas:

  • Traditional Meets Trendy - Mix and match classic Christmas ornaments with modern ones. For instance, you can pair glass balls and beaded tree garlands with dried flowers. Or match vintage ornaments with modern geometric shapes.
  • Merry and Monochromatic - Look for décor pieces in various shades of green. Neutral green tones like forest, olive, and sage make a calming palette. On the other hand, shiny emerald and jade or pastel shades like mint are energizing. Take these into consideration when choosing ornaments.
  • Timeless Christmas Tales - Craft ornaments inspired by your favorite holiday book or movie. How about Whoville-inspired trimmings if you love The Grinch, or colorful ornaments shaped like The Nutcracker? There are so many films and novels to choose from!

Shop Treetopia’s full line of artificial Christmas trees today. Check out our Sale page to get the best deals on these selections and other items, too.

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