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Wondering how to squeeze in a Christmas tree when you’re low on decorating space? No need to worry—at Treetopia, we’ve got plenty of options to fill any room with holiday cheer. Create a picture-perfect display with our selection of half Christmas trees. These flat back Christmas trees give you the full look of a traditional tree at a fraction of the size.

Why Choose a Half Christmas Tree

Flat back Christmas trees are the perfect solution for small homes and apartments. One side leans flat against the wall while the other shows off a lush profile. This creates the illusion of a full Christmas tree. For tighter areas, we have corner Christmas trees shaped like a quarter wedge of a full tree. Use these space-saving beauties to spruce up nooks and crannies in your home.

Half Christmas trees and corner trees are convenient options if you don’t want to rearrange heavy furniture to make way for a grand centerpiece. Need more room to move around and entertain guests? These trees are your best bet!

Since wall Christmas trees are specially designed for limited spaces, they allow you to be as creative as you want when choosing a spot for decorating. Place a tree by the window, in your dining area, or along hallways. You can even bring the festivities to your bedroom with a pre-lit corner tree.

If you prefer a tree with a sleek, narrow silhouette, check out our collection of slim and pencil Christmas trees. We offer these in traditional green and various colors to match your theme.

How to Decorate Your Flat Back Christmas Tree

Like their full counterparts, flat back Christmas trees come with plenty of branches for layering different decorations. But, since there’s only half of a tree to decorate, you won’t need as many ornaments or as much time to set it up! Go all out with your favorite accents to create a show-stopping display, or keep it sweet and simple with minimal décor. It’s all about expressing your unique style!

Before you decorate, decide on a theme! Whether classic red and green, sparkling metallics, or something totally out of the box is more your style, your theme will help you narrow down the right decorations for your wall Christmas tree. For a cohesive look, choose one statement piece and select other ornaments to complement it. Add ribbons, garlands, tree picks, and an eye-catching tree topper to complete your flat back Christmas tree décor.

Lighting Options for Wall Christmas Trees

Lights make your wall Christmas tree stand out and set the mood for your celebrations. To enjoy quick and easy assembly, go for our pre-lit flat back Christmas trees. High-quality lights are hand-strung by professionals for even coverage. We also match the color of the wires to your tree foliage for a clean look. Choose our clear-lit trees to get the warm glow of traditional lights. Or, pick a multi-lit tree featuring a festive mix of colored light bulbs.

Pack loads of cheer into small areas with our space-saving corner and flat back Christmas trees. Browse Treetopia’s full collection of artificial Christmas trees in various shapes, sizes, and colors. For decorating tips and inspiration, visit our blog.

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