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Colorful Christmas Trees
Let your fun and fab side shine through with
these colorful Christmas trees.
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Colors instantly brighten any space and are a means to express yourself, so why not use one of our many colorful Christmas trees to show off your unique decorating style for the holidays? Whether it's your home or any other space, colorful trees can make your celebrations extraordinary in a way that’s all you. Get inspired by Treetopia’s colorful collection of artificial Christmas trees, and unlock all the decorating possibilities.

Year-Round Colorful Christmas Trees

Make any holiday or special celebration your own with an artificial tree in the color you love. We have trees in a wide variety of hues. So, make sure to browse our selection of multicolor Christmas trees for even more options! Use any of them as a year-round holiday centerpiece or decorative accent. Add a fun twist to your Halloween, Thanksgiving, or New Year’s Eve parties. Create lovely backdrops for Valentine's Day, spring, or summer get-togethers, and more. Colored Christmas trees also level up birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations.

Artificial Trees in Classic and Cute Colors

Are you looking for artificial trees in neutral shades? Check out our pristine white Christmas trees, such as the Winter White Christmas tree. Take a peek at our sleek black trees like the bestselling Tuxedo Black Christmas tree, too. If you have a metallic theme in mind, we have trees with shimmering silver or gold foliage. And, for quirky palettes, check out our colorful trees in shades like pink and powder blue.

If you don’t have a specific theme or occasion planned, why not pick a colored tree for its symbolism? For instance, red infuses spaces with energy. It’s also a sign of passion and prosperity. Yellow has a cheerful vibe, while orange calls to mind creativity. Another way to choose a colorful Christmas tree is to match it with your birthstone. Pick a purple tree that represents amethyst if you were born in February. Choose a blue tree to hint at sapphire if you’re a September celebrant.

Artificial Christmas Trees in Colorful Patterns

Aside from our trees with a uniform color from top to bottom, we also have unique patterned artificial Christmas trees. Give your holidays a burst of color with a rainbow Christmas tree. Or, opt for multicolor Christmas trees with stylish ombre hues. If you’re looking for an even brighter alternative to the usual pre-lit Christmas trees, consider our Color Blast trees. Have fun with the customizable color-changing lights.

How to Decorate a Colorful Christmas Tree

You won’t need many ornaments to dress up our adorable multicolor colorful Christmas trees available in multiple colors. They look great without decorations!. But, if you prefer to decorate your tree with ornaments, make sure they are proportional to the tree’s height and shape. It doesn’t hurt to stick to foolproof decorating techniques. For example, match contrasting hues or mix matte shades with metallics. But, if you’re going over-the-top with your design, don’t let anyone stop you! Don’t forget to match your tree with colorful wreaths and garlands that brighten up any space.

Browse Colorful Trees Today

Find your perfect colored tree at Treetopia. We have a wide selection of colorful Christmas trees and classic green Christmas trees for any occasion. Show your style and design a colorful tree!

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