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A colorful skinny Christmas tree packs a lot of holiday cheer into a compact space. Stylish and trendy, Treetopia's slim trees are ideal for urban apartments. They can also be part of a festive display in homes, offices, and function rooms with smaller floor areas. Spice up any room that's short on space with multicolor slender trees.

Pigments of Your Imagination

Beyond your home’s living spaces, slim Christmas trees in various shades make wonderful decorations for the kids’ bedroom, a small workspace, and more. You can embellish the tree with traditional Christmas ornaments or play around with collectible novelty items. Take inspiration from bloggers and home décor enthusiasts. We’ve seen them magically transform their trees with glass balls, wooden frames, and even crafty paper mâché.

There are plenty of choices that will complement your space and personal style. Select from a collection of colorful slim artificial trees with green, white, silver, or gold foliage. Or, go for bolder options like tuxedo black, hot pink, deep purple, and sunshiny yellow trees. If you fancy a more unique blend of colors, we’ve got trees designed with ombre shades and imaginative patterns like candy cane stripes. And, you can choose either an unlit tree or any of our pre-lit Christmas trees.

Celebrate the Way Hue Like

Christmas isn’t the only holiday that calls for a festive tree. Pull out all the stops for Halloween and dress up a tinted tree in creepy, crazy, or even classy décor. Some of the other celebrations that you can spruce up with colorful slim trees are Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, and Easter Sunday.

Beyond holidays, you can also use the trees for your fandom and personal celebrations. Make it a centerpiece for viewing parties of the Super Bowl, your much-anticipated awards night, or a thrilling season finale of a TV series. Bring the force upon your tree for May the 4th or use it as an accent for a bridal or baby shower. The possibilities are infinite, really!

Express your personality with a colorful slim Christmas tree. Visit Treetopia today and find the perfect colorful pencil tree for your upcoming celebrations.

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