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Deck out your holiday space in your favorite shades with full colored Christmas trees. These extra wide, colored Christmas trees give you more room to show off your ornaments. Check out our selection and pick one or more to suit your decorating needs.

Full Colored Christmas Trees: Timeless with a Twist

Create a picture-worthy backdrop with a fabulous holiday centerpiece. Treetopia’s big, full colored Christmas trees come in a variety of vivid colors – but we also offer spectacular traditional green artificial Christmas trees. Plus, each artificial tree comes with a sturdy color-matching stand to support its full silhouette.

There’s a Christmas tree color for every personality or theme, such as:

  • White - Wouldn’t it be nice if it were snowy all year round? The next best thing is a white Christmas tree. Let it serve as your blank canvas for other holidays and occasions, as it complements any other hue.
  • Silver - Let a tree in this color add extra shine to your celebrations. It goes well with elegant, vintage, or space-inspired decorating themes.
  • Gold - Bring on the glitz and glam. A gold Christmas tree doesn’t need decorations to steal the spotlight. But who says you can’t pile on the glitter?
  • Yellow and Orange - Sunny and spectacular, a tree in either shade is perfect for summer or fall decorating. Use them to create an extra cheerful Christmas scene or even an unconventional Halloween theme.
  • Red – Make a bold statement with a full Christmas tree in this striking shade. Dress it up with pink and white ornaments for Valentine’s Day. Deck it out in classic Christmas colors for the holidays.
  • Pink - Play up your sweet side with this blushing hue. Pastel and metallic ornaments work with this rosy color.
  • Blue and Purple - Keep calm and play it cool with colors that send out a serene and elegant vibe. Stick to ornaments in cool tones or shake things up with metallic decorations.
  • Black - A tree in this versatile shade can be sophisticated, sassy, or even scary. Let your unique decorating style shine and get creative for Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or Halloween.
  • Patterned - When one color isn’t enough, go for two or more! Choose from multicolor Christmas trees with trendy patterns like stripes and Ombre.

Light Up Your Full Colored Christmas Trees with Ease

Browse the lighting options of these wide, bushy colored Christmas trees. Forget about stringing lights to make your tree merry and bright. Some of these trees come with pre-lit options, such as clear, multicolor, LED, and even lights that match their foliage. Or, dazzle your extra full colored Christmas tree with the customizable light shows available with our Color Blast lighting.

Check out options that feature the Quick Set technology. This lets you light up the entire tree with a single plug. If stringing Christmas lights is more your thing, select from our unlit full colored Christmas trees for more decorating flexibility. They cost less than their pre-lit counterparts, too.

Bring home an extra full, colored Christmas tree to brighten up your holidays. Or, browse our slim colorful trees and colored pencil Christmas trees for other shape options.

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