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Let bright colored Christmas trees from Treetopia liven up your home for the holidays! With cheery lights and vibrant foliage, these trees add sparkle and color to your décor. Turn up the shimmer and light bright Christmas trees from Treetopia!

Which Bright Colored Christmas Tree Suits You?

Color is a powerful way to express yourself whether through your wardrobe or home décor. You can showcase your favorite hues either in a big way or through small accessories. How you decorate gives others a sneak peek into your unique style and personality. Why not do the same with your Christmas tree’s color? While always an excellent choice, there’s no need to limit yourself to traditional green artificial trees. Be bold and pick from our selection of colorfully bright Christmas trees.

If you identify with striking hues, consider bright colored Christmas trees. Some trees come with light strings, bulbs and tree stands that match their foliage. You get a stunner from top to bottom. Have a look at our beautiful collection of colorful artificial trees:

  • Red - It’s the color of valor and passion. Bold and eye-catching, bright Christmas trees in this shade make a strong style statement.
  • Pink - This sweet shade tickles the imagination and lets you have fun with playful holiday looks. Pick a hot pink Christmas tree to make your celebrations romantic, or sassy.
  • Orange - A tree in this hue is perfect for fall and Halloween. The citrusy foliage stimulates creativity and infuses any space with warmth.
  • Blue - This versatile shade symbolizes peace and calm. Rest your eyes on the soothing shade of the sea as you light a bright Christmas tree with blue foliage.
  • Patterned - When your personality is so colorful that one shade just won't cut it, pick patterns instead! How about a tree in all the colors of the rainbow?

Shape Up the Holidays with Different Profiles of Bright Colored Christmas Trees

Big or small, give your space an exciting pop of color with a unique artificial tree. Are you decorating a huge living room with a vaulted ceiling? Then choose a tall and bright Christmas tree with traditional full silhouettes. Or, if you're decorating a compact area, pick a slim artificial tree or a pencil Christmas tree.

It’s important to measure your space before choosing the shape and height of your bright colored Christmas tree. As a rule of thumb, measure the location against the diameter of the tree. Also, there should be at least 6 inches between your tree, including your tree topper, and the ceiling.

The Brilliant Lights of Bright Christmas Trees

If you're opting for a lighted Christmas tree, choose from clear-lit or colorful options. For instance, a red artificial tree can have classic clear lights or ambient red lights. Consider choosing a Christmas tree with innovative lighting features to make set-up a breeze, too. Treetopia’s pre-lit bright colored Christmas tree has professionally hand-strung lights, which means no messy wires in sight. They also come with an on/off foot pedal and extra bulbs and fuses.

Check out Treetopia's full collection of bright Christmas trees. Light up your space all year round and add a unique twist to your party backdrops.

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