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The holiday season is a magical time that embodies joy, presents, and Christmas trees. To put a cool, unique spin on your holiday decor, why not skip the traditional green tree and opt for a jewel tone, like blue or purple? Blue and purple Christmas trees are a gorgeous, elegant way to celebrate the holiday season.

Decorating Your Blue and Purple Christmas Trees

There are so many ways to decorate blue and purple Christmas trees. Because these colors are so vibrant, they will create a gorgeous backdrop for your home, office, or event space. To start decorating your tree, try to think of a theme that you’ll stick to during the holidays. Once you’ve done that, build your design out from the ground up. Start with a tree skirt, then move onto ornaments and other decorations, and end with the perfect tree topper. No matter what your style is, you can find the perfect decorations that will complement your tree’s color and create the perfect backdrop for you and your family to celebrate the holiday season.

Birthstone Christmas Trees

Birthstones, like sapphires and amethyst, are immediately recognizable because of their beautiful, vivid hues. This holiday season, if you were born in February or September, why not match yours with one of our blue or purple Christmas trees? They’ll not only put you in the the holiday spirit, but they’ll also get you even more excited for your special day. Shop our full inventory of blue and purple Christmas trees today to find the perfect match for your birthstone!

Get Your Own Blue or Purple Christmas Tree

Blue and purple Christmas trees are a unique way to kickoff the holiday season. The deep hues of these trees are sure to captivate your friends and guests and be the perfect centerpiece of your holiday decor. Be sure to check out our full selection of blue and purple trees today to find your next favorite Christmas tree!

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