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Create a cool holiday display with blue and purple Christmas trees. These artificial trees bring the outdoors in with different shades of the sea or sky. Let the jewel-toned needles serve as the backdrop for your precious ornaments. Are you going for a sophisticated look or an eclectic theme? Either way, Treetopia has colorful Christmas trees that complement your decorating style.

Trees to Match Your Blue or Purple Birthstone

Distinct vivid hues make birthstones immediately recognizable. Why not match yours with one of our purple or blue Christmas trees? They'll put you in the holiday spirit and get you excited for your special day. Purple artificial Christmas trees can signify amethyst for February. Meanwhile, blue artificial Christmas trees can represent aquamarine for March. They also represent September's sapphire or December's tanzanite. Aside from Christmas, put up your tree during your birth month! Level up your birthday celebrations with chic and personalized décor.

How to Decorate Blue and Purple Christmas Trees

Choose from blue and purple artificial Christmas trees in full shapes and slim silhouettes. The sturdy branches accommodate several ornaments and various themes. But, make sure that the decorations you choose aren't too big or heavy. Remember that you must fluff and shape your tree before adding any decoration, too. Our pre-lit Christmas trees also come with a socket at the top of the tree where you can easily plug in a lighted tree topper.

Violet symbolizes royalty, so regal themes look stunning on purple Christmas trees. Accent your purple tree with globes or ribbons in matte gold or silver for a polished vibe. Cap it off with a shining tree topper—a spotlight for your holiday centerpiece. Then, make sure the tree ties in with the rest of the room decorations. Use the same purple tone as your recurring accent color. Or, find other elements in your chosen metallic shade.

Both neutrals and pastel hues look wonderful on blue Christmas trees. Create a whimsical display by matching a baby blue tree to lilac or blush decorations. Or, string silver tinsel or hang white snowflake ornaments on brightly colored trees. Use a glittery tree topper and a sequined tree skirt for more shimmer. For the other parts of your space, search for accents in light shades like ivory and beige.

Alternatively, combine different shades of the same hue. Use teal, turquoise, and cyan ornaments for a blue Christmas tree. Mix and match lavender, mauve, and magenta with a deep purple tree. For other seasons or occasions, create striking contrasts. Pare down your palette to royal blue and white for a coastal-themed Christmas in July tree. Paint Easter eggs bright yellow and pink if your tree is baby blue. Place spooky green figurines or mini pumpkins on a purple Halloween tree.

Make Blue and Purple Artificial Christmas Trees Your Own

Browse our full collection of beautiful blue and purple Christmas trees today. Then, dress them up according to your special occasion in a way that's all you!

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