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Though known for colorful and funky Christmas trees, Treetopia also offers a wide selection of traditional artificial Christmas trees. Our classic green Christmas trees range from 4ft up to 15ft tall, and we offer them in several pre-lit and flocked options. Looking for an 8ft artificial Christmas tree to make a grand holiday statement? You've come to the right place! Want something bigger? Our 9ft, 10ft, 12ft, and 15ft artificial Christmas trees certainly do not disappoint.

Towering Trees: 8ft to 9ft Artificial Christmas Trees

There are many options if you prefer a larger artificial tree, including 8 foot Christmas trees and even taller tree heights. Treetopia's magnificent Balsam Spruce is a Christmas classic that you'll surely cherish. Made with high-quality 100% Classic PVC needles, this tree has one of the most comprehensive lighting selections in our collection. The 8ft pre-lit Christmas trees are available with clear or multicolor incandescent lights, as well as energy-efficient clear LEDs. Choose the Color-Changing™ option if you like to switch between clear and multicolor lights. Select models also come equipped with our Quick Set™ technology to make setup even more effortless.

If you have 12-ft ceilings, a 9ft artificial Christmas tree is perfect even with a tree topper. The Alexander Fir is a popular choice if you have room for a full-shaped tree, while the slim Addison Spruce is ideal for limited spaces but plenty of ceiling height. Some of our 9ft pre-lit Christmas trees are available with the exclusive Grow and Stow™ technology, where the tree 'grows' and 'shrinks' at the touch of a button.

Dreaming of 8ft or 9ft flocked Christmas trees? Have we got the trees for you! The Frosty Flocked Christmas Tree has dark green needles dusted with faux white snow for that wintry arctic look, while the Snowy Spruce Flocked Christmas Tree features thick, heavy flocking to resemble freshly fallen snow. For a whimsical winter wonderland, you can't go wrong with either of these two beauties!

Larger than Life: 10ft to 15ft Artificial Christmas Trees

If 9ft or 8ft Christmas trees aren't cutting it, then go even bigger with 10ft, 12ft, or 15ft artificial Christmas trees. Fully decked out or just on their own with lights, these giant trees are perfect for spacious rooms with vaulted or really high ceilings. They're also great for ballrooms, hotel lobbies, or covered plazas where they will definitely be turning people's heads.

The Balsam Spruce is available in these heights and several pre-lit options, similar to their 8ft and 9ft artificial Christmas tree counterparts. If you need a slimmer tree, our very popular No. 2 Pencil Christmas Tree is offered in 10ft and 12ft models with either clear LED or clear and multicolor LED lights. The Addison Spruce is another slim tree available in 10ft and 12ft, also with energy-efficient LED lighting options.

How To Decorate Tall Artificial Christmas Trees (8ft or 9ft Trees and Above)

Decorating a super tall Christmas tree may be a bit daunting and challenging, but it will be all worth it in the end. One thing's for sure, you will need a ladder and some helping hands! Below are some tips on decorating an 8ft and above artificial tree to get you started.

Safety First

If you plan to string your own lights, make sure you don't overload your electrical connections to avoid any fire hazards. This is where pre-lit artificial Christmas trees come in handy, especially if it's a very large tree. With Treetopia's Quick Set trees, all the lights are pre-connected in the trunk so that you only need to handle one plug: the one that goes into the wall.

Fluff the Tree

Artificial Christmas trees are compressed for shipping, so you'll need to take some time fluffing and shaping the branches to make it look full. Some giant trees come with panels, while some have hinged branches that fall into place when you assemble the tree. For the latter, start from the back and work your way outwards, fanning out the tips as you go. Stop and look at the tree from a distance every now and then to check for gaps and adjust branches accordingly.

Hang the Ornaments

Once you've fluffed all the branches and you're happy with how it looks, start hanging your ornaments starting with the largest ones first. Space them out evenly and then fill in sections with smaller ornaments or tree picks and ribbons. This is a great time to let the kids or other family members help out with the décor, it could even be a tradition you do every year.

There are no exact rules when it comes to decorating, so you can go with your own style and do what makes you happy!

No matter if you're looking for a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree or a stylish white Christmas tree, you're sure to find a Treetopia tree that fits your style!

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