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Looking for a full and unique holiday centerpiece? Browse Treetopia's collection of 7ft artificial colored Christmas trees. These selections range from 7 to 7.5 ft., including the height of the tree stand. They complement a standard 8 or 9 ft. floor-to-ceiling height and leave you enough room for a fabulous tree topper. Choose from a wide variety of tree shapes, hues, and lighting from Treetopia!

Which Shape Suits Your Space?

First, determine your ceiling height then measure the floor space you’re decorating. Decide on the silhouette that will complement it. Are you decorating a huge room or a corner? You’ll find the perfect fit among these options. Here are the shapes and average diameters of 7ft colored Christmas trees:

  • Full - 50 inches or more
  • Slim - Less than 47 inches
  • Pencil - 19 to 23 inches

Which Hue Matches You?

Green trees are perfect for classic and unique decorating themes. But, why not go with a splash of color, and Choose from Treetopia’s 7ft artificial colored Christmas trees? These come in fun and vibrant shades. Look at some options below:

  • Black and White - Versatility is their strongest suit and almost any decorating theme will work. Go glam, minimalist, or multicolored. There’s no limit to the ways you can dress up a black or white Christmas tree. Aside from Christmas, they’re perfect for Halloween.
  • Pink - This playful hue infuses your space with sweetness. Pair it with white, other pastel shades, or contrasting dark tones like plum, maroon, or even black.
  • Blue and Purple - Consider these if you prefer a cool-toned Christmas tree. Select from either soft or dark shades of blue and purple. Create a candy-colored wonderland or a regal vibe with sophisticated motifs.
  • Sparkling Shades – Metallic Christmas trees in gold, silver, and rose gold are made to dazzle. Even more so when they're pre-lit. Showcase any of these stunners for an unforgettable conversation piece.
  • Multicolor Patterns - When you can't settle for just one hue, choose two or more. Pick a pattern that echoes your style like funky stripes or trendy ombré. Highlight the multicolor design using neutrals.

Which Lighting Option Meets Your Decorating Needs?

Once you decide on the design, decide how you'll make your centerpiece shine. Our pre-lit 7 ft colored Christmas trees come with the following lighting options:

  • Clear - Give your tree an ambient glow with warm and bright clear lights.
  • Colorful - Make it matchy-matchy! These pre-lit trees come with color-matched bulbs and light strings.
  • Multicolor – Add whimsy to your theme with a mix of colored lights.
  • Color Blast - Have fun playing with pre-set light show patterns or customizing your own. This LED technology looks magical, especially on a black or white Christmas tree.
  • Unlit - String your own lights or keep your tree unlit and let its foliage and decorations steal the show.

7ft Artificial Colored Christmas Trees: When is the Best Time to Buy?

Want to buy an artificial Christmas tree and other decorations at discounted prices? Shop during clearance season, which is right after the holidays. Special promo periods like Black Friday or Cyber Week are also ideal times to shop. Browse Treetopia’s entire selection of artificial Christmas trees to find the best tree to fit your individual style.

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