gemstone artificial christmas trees

El Dorado Gemstone Tree
Straight from Santa's vault
Experience the mythical beauty of El Dorado with our solid platinum El Dorado Gemstone Tree!
  • Dazzling foliage of pure platinum thread
  • Thousands of rubies and pearls placed around the tree
  • Ornate silver and gold ball ornaments and 50-carat rubies included
  • Armed guard and high-tech surveillance equipment included
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100Gemstone Christmas TreeGems6.5'Full 42"Plat, diamond, goldPriceless4,382
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Our six-foot El Dorado Gemstone Tree proves that not all that glitters is gold - sometimes it's platinum! A creation pulled straight from holiday myth, this tree features lush platinum foliage that will dazzle (and possibly blind) your guests. Whether lit or unlit, this tree sparkles with its pearls and rubies artfully embedded on tinsel and twigs.

Take this gemstone tree over the top with the included pure gold and silver baubles and enormous rubies. Not only that, the first customer who orders our El Dorado Gemstone Tree is lent the famed Hope Diamond for one day, on loan from the Smithsonian Institute, as a tree topper! For added security, this tree comes with its own armed guard and state-of-the-art surveillance equipment to deter sticky-fingered guests. Let the El Dorado Gemstone Tree add a scintillating visage to your home.


  • 6 foot solid platinum tree
  • Ruby gemstone ornaments (50 carats)
  • Solid silver and gold balls
  • Gemstone and pearl garland (0.25 carat diamonds, 0.25 carat rubies)
  • In-home storage vault sold separately
  • Armed guard and surveillance cameras included
  • Comes with glass display case
  • Reinforced floor supports available upon request
  • Hope Diamond Tree Topper (on loan for one day) for the first buyer
  • Treetopia 21-day Warranty
  • FREE GROUND SHIPPING to continental USA
  • Limited stock only

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