The Most Popular Pumpkin Product in Every U.S. State

By the dog days of summer, excitement for pool parties and popular BBQ foods dries up. In its place is the yearning for the fall season. The leaves start to change and the weather starts to cool. It can only mean one thing: the comeback of all things pumpkin-flavored. Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin butter—you name it, there’s a pumpkin option.

To celebrate the most famous icon of fall, we decided to take a look at the most popular pumpkin product in each state. Is your state more of a pumpkin cheesecake fan? Or do they like to add spice to their weeknight dinner with pumpkin pasta? We did some Google Trends data digging to determine what each state deems the ultimate pumpkin product. Read on to find out which pumpkin treat is your state’s favorite!

Many agree that the sip of your first pumpkin latte of the season is heart-warming. The flavors of fall are deliciously mixed together in one cup. It’s a magical moment. And if you ask residents of eight U.S. states, many of them will gladly accompany you on a trip to your local coffee shop to pick up a pumpkin latte.

If you’re into more traditional pumpkin foods, you are not alone. A Thanksgiving staple, pumpkin pie, was the most popular pumpkin product in five states. The people in Michigan, Oregon, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wisconsin all think that pumpkins should stay on the dessert menu, not the drink menu. Residents of Hawaii and Nevada are on the same page. Their most searched pumpkin treat was pumpkin cheesecake, staying in the same dessert lane.

Let's not forget about one of our favorite pumpkin products here at Treetopia: pumpkin pancakes. Sadly, pumpkin pancakes only won over one U.S. state. We’re guessing people just haven't been exposed to this delicious version of a pancake yet. Try some pumpkin pancakes with cinnamon, brown butter, and maple syrup—you won't be disappointed!

The Top Popular Pumpkin Products Overall

So which pumpkin products ultimately hold the top spot in America’s hearts and bellies? Not surprisingly, the top three products were pumpkin latte (eight states), pumpkin tea (six states), and pumpkin pie (5 states). Sneaking into fourth place with the vote of four states is pumpkin pasta, a unique and surprisingly delicious option.

Some pumpkin products aren’t so widely loved. With only one state vote each, pumpkin cream cheese, pumpkin soup, and pumpkin cheerios were among that list. But that’s not to say they aren’t equally as good as any of the other options!

Final Thoughts

Whether pumpkin lattes or pumpkin oatmeal bring you joy, let's say goodbye to the summer heat and say hello to the crisp season of fall. If autumn is your favorite, you might even want to consider putting up some beautiful pumpkin décor. And we don’t want to get too ahead of ourselves here, but pumpkin season also means Christmas tree season is around the corner. If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your home this holiday season, look no further than Treetopia.

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