November 16, 2020

The Most Popular Christmas Recipes

Christmas is that time of year to make memories of favorite gifts, time spent with loved ones, and more. From eggnog to a favorite Christmas cookie recipe, food is the source of many of these cherished moments. The holiday season is full of unique tastes and a single bite of beloved holiday dishes can instantly put us in the Christmas spirit.

Food plays such an important role in creating the perfect holiday season. It comes as no surprise that certain dishes and recipes have become beloved Christmas staples across the country. As a company on the forefront of all things Christmas, the Treetopia team wanted to take a deeper look at these beloved recipes. Then, find which ones are most popular in each state. To do so, we turned to Google Trends search data from the 2019 holiday season for the most popular holiday dinners and desserts. Read on to learn more about what we uncovered.

The Most Popular Christmas Dinner Recipe in Every State

We collected data on the popularity of over 35 recipes for traditional Christmas dishes, desserts, and drinks. This determined which Christmas dinner recipe and dessert recipe is most popular in every state.

The map above shows the results of the dinner data, where 17 different dishes claimed the top spot in at least one state. The results illustrate a fun variety of dishes that Americans look forward to most when itís time for Christmas dinner. We would be remiss if we didnít point out the incredibly strong showing of sweet potato casserole in the South. It took the top spot in seven different states!

Yes, the southern dominance of sweet potato casserole is apparent in the illustrated map. But, this list shows just how diverse the results really are. It also makes it easier to observe the popularity of roast carrots, which tied sweet potato casserole as the most popular dish overall. Each takes the top spot in seven different states.

The Most Popular Christmas Dinner Recipe in Every Region

To round out the most popular dinner dishes, we also grouped our results to find which Christmas dinner dish is most popular by region. As previously mentioned, sweet potato casserole easily took the crown in the South, while roast carrots proved popular in the Midwest. Potato dishes are most popular in both the West and Northeast, just prepared in different ways. Mashed potatoes are king of the Christmas dinner table in the West, while people in the Northeast canít wait to get their hands on roasted potatoes.

The Most Popular Christmas Dessert Recipe in Every State

Of course, the holiday season would be incomplete without dessert. From candy canes to fruitcake, some of the most iconic holiday foods are reserved for after the meal. Just like we did for the dinner recipes, we collected Google Trends data on some of the most iconic and delicious holiday sweets in every state to determine each oneís favorite.

Cookies dominated, which makes sense given how many different kinds are associated with Christmas. Between sugar cookies, Christmas cookies, thumbprint cookies, and gingerbread, some variety proved to be the most popular Christmas dessert recipe in over half of the country. Thatís a lot of cookies for Santa to finish in one night!

While cookies in general proved wildly popular, one style really took the (cookie) cake in our analysis. Sugar cookie recipes were the most-searched holiday dessert recipe in 13 states, which represents more than 25% of the country.

The Most Popular Christmas Dessert Recipe in Every Region

Finally we looked at the most popular Christmas dessert recipe in every U.S. region. Given how popular cookies were when looking at individual states, it comes as no surprise that they're the most popular holiday dessert recipe in three of the four regions of the country.

It is a bit surprising, however, to know that in the South they prefer fruitcake to cookies in the Christmas season, making it the only region with a top-ranking non-cookie dessert.


How do your personal holiday meal preferences compare with the rest of your state or America as a whole? Whether youíre in lockstep with the most popular choices or have your own truly unique family dining traditions, we hope this Christmas is full of fun, memories, and delicious food. And donít forget, if you are in need of the perfect tree to create your ideal holiday ambiance before sitting down at the dinner table, be sure to check out the amazing selection at Treetopia!

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