The Most Haunted Location in Every U.S. State

Something wicked this way comes! Thousands of historical sightings of ghosts, demons, and supernatural beings have occurred throughout the U.S. They particularly occur at venues like haunted houses, abandoned hospitals, deserted theaters, and old cemeteries. But which are the spookiest cities, towns, and locations in every U.S. state? The Treetopia team set out on an online ghost hunt to find out!

We scraped the ultimate online database of paranormal activity, Ghost Sightings of America, and the Shadowlands Haunted Places Index. We looked for not only the most haunted states but also the most haunted city and location within each state. Our main criteria were the number of recorded ghost sightings. Warning: Our findings may send a few shivers down your spine. Read on to discover if your city is the most haunted in your state!

The Most Haunted States, According to Ghost Sightings

When it comes to the supernatural, no other states can touch Texas and California. The most haunted state in the U.S. is Texas with 7,315 recorded ghost sightings. California is in second place with 6,888 sightings. Between the spirits of the Alamo’s soldiers and the mysterious “Marfa Lights,” it’s no surprise that Texas wins out as the spookiest state. Of course, California holds its own as the runner-up on the list. It’s home to the sinister Preston Castle in Ione and the Roosevelt Hotel where deceased Hollywood celebrities still roam the halls.

Beware of the Midwest this Halloween season! Other states landing on the top five most haunted in the U.S. are Ohio (2,883 sightings), Michigan (2,671 sightings), and Illinois (2,496 sightings).

The Most Haunted City in Every State

According to Ghost Sightings of America, El Paso, TX is the city with the most ghost sightings by far. That’s not only in Texas but throughout the continental U.S. Boasting 192 sightings, this foreboding city is home to the eerie De Soto Hotel, which is known to house spirits in the basement. It’s also where you can visit the Concordia Cemetery. Dozens of shadowy figures have been caught on camera rolls throughout the years here, so beware when you take snapshots in the venue!

Two military hubs, Fort Knox in Kentucky and Fort Benning in Georgia, land the second and fourth spots on our list of most haunted cities. They have 87 and 68 ghost sightings, respectively. Rumor has it that both venues are known for spooky sightings of long-gone soldiers from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

With 60 recorded ghost sightings, Rockford, IL has its fair share of unexplained phenomena. Ghosts appear at venues like The Faust Hotel, the nearby Bloods Point Cemetery, and Rockford College. Tucson, AZ (53 sightings) and Spokane, WA (49 sightings) round out the top 10 most haunted cities. In Tucson, the University of Arizona is a notorious stomping ground for apparitions (especially within Centennial Hall). Meanwhile, in Spokane, an entire family of ghosts often frequent the rooms of the Mirabeau Park Hotel. Not only are they overstaying their welcome, but they’re also fond of slamming doors and shoving artwork from the walls.

The Most Haunted Location in Every State

Take a peek at the haunted map above to find out the spookiest venue in your state’s most haunted city! It looks like ghosts usually hang out at schools, parks, and hotels, aside from cemeteries. So creepy!

Happy Haunting!

That wraps up our study of paranormal sightings across the U.S. Did these scary hauntings get you in the mood for the Halloween season? Get into the ghoul-liday spirit with Treetopia’s collection of Halloween Christmas trees Select from burnt orange and pitch-black trees guaranteed to give your home the perfect “haunted mansion” vibe during the spookiest time of the year.

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