November 3, 2020

America’s 2020 Holiday Plans

At Treetopia, we wait all year for the holiday season. We dream about sweets and songs. Also, we start window shopping for our loved ones. And, of course, we put up the decorations as soon as possible. Hey, you can’t blame us if our trees stay beautiful all year long!

The holiday season is right around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited. But, with that, comes the sad realization that many won’t be celebrating the holidays like normal. This holiday season will look a little different due to social distancing rules. Remember that the rules are in place to keep friends, family, and communities safe.

To help you make holiday plans, Treetopia found out exactly how Americans are planning to celebrate. We wanted to find out people’s opinions on traveling, connecting virtually, and keeping their favorite traditions. So, we decided to survey individuals nationwide to get answers.

We surveyed over 2,000 individuals about their favorite past traditions and expected changes for the holidays. Then, we compared our responses to highlight key insights and trends to understand what the holidays may look like this year. Check out the results below!

2020 Holiday Plans

Holiday Plans 2020

We got right into it, first asking people about their 2020 holiday plans.

A whopping 86.2% of respondents said that their holiday plans would change in 2020. This is unsurprising, given traditions changed for other holidays this year. Fourth of July fireworks displays didn't push through while Labor Day cookouts turned into nights in.

So how exactly have plans changed? Nearly 30% of respondents say they’re not planning on seeing family this year, with an additional 28% not visiting friends or being visited by family.

However, that’s not to say that some connections won’t be happening! Over 20% of individuals will be celebrating virtually with their families and friends. This is to make memories with their loved ones, even on computer screens. Fortunately, months of virtual birthdays, reunions, and game nights have made Americans adept in celebrating online. Just look at some of these tips and ideas compiled by the LA Times.

This isn’t to say that people won’t feel sad about their changing traditions. Over 32% of respondents said that time with friends and family will be the thing that they miss the most this year. Others said that they will miss traveling and holiday events, parades, and shows. Interestingly, some of these traditions will be re-imagined as well. For example, the Radio City Rockettes will be offering virtual dance classes. These are for seasonal attendees who won’t get to see their Christmas Spectacular.

However, we noticed that many are still planning on seeing friends and family while observing social distancing. Which begs the question: how?

2020 Holiday Travel Plans

2020 Travel Plans

Noting that individuals are still planning on traveling, we wanted to understand which transportation and precautions they would be taking.

Of the respondents, 24.4% said they plan on seeing friends and family in person this holiday. This is a relatively low portion compared to others who plan on restricting the holidays to their immediate family or connecting with loved ones virtually.

So, how will these individuals get to their loved ones? According to our results, around 43% of respondents plan on taking cars to see their loved ones. Notably, a significant 15.8% of respondents plan on flying to see their friends and family. It's true that emptier airports could ease some of the stress of holiday flying. But, it’s important for individuals to think about air travel safety concerns during COVID-19. It’s good to be aware of safety regulations in the airport and at their final destinations, as suggested by the CDC.

Once people do gather, most will be keeping attendance relatively low. Of the respondents, 44% are restricting gatherings to only 3 to 6 people. Whether individuals choose to celebrate online or safely in person, fun activities can spark the holiday spirit! Some examples are decorating together or enjoying a meal while observing social distancing.

Holiday Traditions

Holiday Traditions 2020

Speaking of the holiday spirit, we also wanted to think about how holiday traditions will change in 2020.

We were quite happy to see that many traditions can be kept despite social distancing. For instance, the most popular tradition reported is cooking family recipes. Also, less than 7% of respondents plan on leaving the kitchen this holiday season. Some fantastic lists are already compiled online. Check out this one of fun recipes to make with loved ones over Zoom from

Individuals plan to keep watching holiday movies. They'll also be decorating their homes and choosing a Christmas tree—our favorite!

Some traditions like shopping, dining, and attending parties may change. But, hopefully, we will see safe traditions continue in 2020.

Holiday Decorating

Holiday Decor 2020

We at Treetopia are incredibly excited to start decorating this year. Interestingly, we saw that 1 in 4 people will be getting their tree in early December, looking to start decorating early.

We also saw that over twice as many people as last year will be shopping for a tree online in 2020 as a safer option.

We’re here to help you celebrate the holidays in your unique way. So, go ahead and make the season merry and bright with any of our traditional or colorful Christmas trees.


Altogether, we know that this holiday season may not feel quite as merry as past ones. Still, there’s so much joy to be found in uncertain times. It could be baking cookies with grandma over Zoom or an afternoon spent putting cheerful ornaments on a bright, yellow tree. The most important parts of the holidays are sharing love and happiness with those around us. Surely, families will find ways to revel in holiday moments with safety top of mind.

We wish you all the best this 2020 holiday season!

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