America's Best Holiday Light Displays by the Numbers
Christmas Light Displays Based on Number of Lights, Energy Output, and Number of Days Up

For many Americans, the holiday season means taking part in the exciting tradition of waiting until the sun sets and admiring neighborhood Christmas decorations.

While this is a fun family tradition on a small scale, at Treetopia, we wanted to find the best holiday light displays across the country to see which towns had the most holiday spirit! We put together a handful of charts illustrating where the most extravagant light displays were located, how many lights they used in their setup, and the total duration of the holiday light display event. With all of this in mind, we then looked at the total amount of energy that goes into powering each of these phenomenal holiday displays.

Check out our breakdown below!

Find the top holiday light displays by state

10 States with the best Christmas Light Displays

Out of these top 10 displays, where can you find the display with the greatest number of lights?

Best Christmas Light Displays by number of lights

Which holiday light display is up the longest?

Best Outdoor Light Displays by number of days up

Which light display uses the most energy?

Best Holiday Light Displays by Total Energy Output

Which light display is the most expensive to power throughout the season?

5 Most Expensive Christmas Light Displays in America

As you travel around the country to visit family and friends over the holidays, don’t forget about these brightly lit attractions: There are pre-lit trees, giant santas, glowing reindeer, and more. They are not to be missed!

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