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In recent years, Americans have been wanting the holiday cheer to come as early as possible. Thrilled for the joys of the season, many folks kick off their Christmas traditions before December even begins.

For some, this means blasting Mariah Carey’s iconic, “All I Want for Christmas is You,” at full volume. For others, this means cooking time-honored holiday dishes that are passed down from generation to generation. But for most, decorating the Christmas tree is the best way to welcome the holiday season. At Treetopia, we live for the joy a tree adds to the Christmas spirit. So we raised the question: how early does the average American put up their Christmas tree?

We asked over 3,500 Americans across 47 states to tell us when they typically put up their Christmas tree and how long they leave it up. How early is too early? Do most people put their tree up before Thanksgiving, after Thanksgiving, or right before Christmas? Likewise, how late is too late? Do most take down their Christmas tree before New Year’s Eve, after New Year’s Eve, or even in February? See our findings below!

How Early Do Americans Put Up Their Christmas Tree?

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According to survey responses, the average American puts up their Christmas tree 4.5 weeks before Christmas. This happens to fall right around Thanksgiving. But for residents in some states, the Christmas spirit kicks in even earlier.

Rhode Island and South Carolina anticipate the holiday season the most. These two east coast states put their Christmas trees up over 6.5 weeks before Christmas on average. This means Christmas lovers in these states assemble their trees in the second week of November. That’s 2.5 weeks before Thanksgiving––now that’s a hankering for Christmas!

Residents from other states prefer to keep the holiday festivities in December. Oregonians wait to put up their tree until around 3 weeks before Christmas, making Oregon the last state to “deck the halls.”

How Long Do Americans Wait Before Taking Their Tree Down?

U.S. heatmap showing when each state's residents take their Christmas tree down

The survey results are clear: Americans stretch out the joy of the holiday season for as long as possible––and we’re definitely on board with that idea!

On average, Americans wait 2.9 weeks after Christmas to take their tree down. But some states aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to their holiday centerpiece that early. Christmas enthusiasts in Illinois wait an average of 4.7 weeks after the most festive day of the year. That’s longer than any other state and over 2 weeks longer than the national average!

On the other hand, North Carolina is the state most ready to wave mistletoes and jingle bells goodbye. Respondents from the Tar Heel state leave their tree up for an average of only 2.1 weeks after Christmas.

How Early Is Too Early to Put up a Christmas Tree?

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Most Americans put their Christmas tree up between Thanksgiving and mid-December. So it’s no surprise that 54% think that 3 to 4 weeks before Christmas is the appropriate time to put up a Christmas tree. Interestingly, nearly one-third of respondents think it’s perfectly acceptable to put a tree up 5 to 8 weeks before Christmas: that goes back to the start of November!

It’s common for some holiday judgment to set in when it comes to Christmas decorations. According to the survey, 22% feel judged when they decorate for Christmas earlier than usual. Meanwhile, 32% feel judged when they take down decorations later than the majority. We also discovered that 2 in 10 American men admit to getting competitive with their neighbors when it comes to Christmas decorations!

What are the Other Christmas Tree Preferences of Americans?

an infographic showing Christmas tree preferences of American survey respondents

For most Americans, artificial is the way to go. They come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit your personal style, and they’re quick and easy to set up. With perks like these, there’s no need to stress yourself over sap and shedding. A whopping 76% use an artificial tree for the holiday season, and given its many benefits, this is no surprise! Treetopia’s artificial trees are built to last for many years.

Another advantage of artificial Christmas trees is the variety of heights to choose from. It’s easy to find one that suits your space and decorating style. Survey says that Americans like their Christmas trees around 6 feet tall. But the height preference differs by gender. Men prefer their Christmas trees to be large and in charge at 7 feet or taller!

Men and women have unique tastes when it comes to Christmas tree decorations, too. The majority of women (62%) are more inclined to use sentimental ornaments over generic, store-bought ornaments. Additionally, one in every four Americans chooses a specific color scheme for their Christmas tree.

Wrapping It All Up
That wraps up our Christmas tree survey! One thing’s for certain: Christmas tree habits differ quite a bit across genders and state lines. No matter when you decide to put up your Christmas tree, Treetopia is here to help. Our wide assortment of trees is sure to make the season special: whether you decorate in November, or on December 24th. Happy holidays!

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