Christmas Trees By the numbers

Decorating the family Christmas tree is a cherished tradition for most families that is passed down from generation to generation. But, while it may seem that everyone’s holiday traditions are the same, there’s a wide diversity of traditions and aesthetic preferences surrounding Christmas.

Who spends the most on Christmas trees? What colors are most popular? How long do they keep the same tree? And how many trees do they put out?

We analyzed both industry and internal data to investigate how people celebrate Christmas differently across the United States. While the conclusions are based on real-world data, the results should not be considered scientifically significant.

Each state has a distinctive taste in Christmas trees.

In every state, the single most popular color for an artificial christmas tree is green, though there’s more to the story than that. Because Treetopia is the leading retailer of colorful Christmas trees, we have the unique position of being able to determine which non-traditional tree color is most popular in each state.

White trees tend to dominate the midwest and south, while some northeastern states prefer silver. In the west, colorful trees in pink, red, and orange dominate.

Tennessee, Florida, and West Virginia are the top spenders for artificial Christmas trees.

Figures reflect total artificial sales normalized by 2014 state GDP as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Two-thirds of US households display an Artificial tree and just fewer than 1 in 5 display a Real tree.

Households that display artificial Christmas trees are more likely to display more than one tree.

Most Americans Plan to keep their artificial Christmas Trees for around 10 years.

When buying a tree, shape and realism matter to consumers the most.

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