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White Artificial
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Treetopia's white Christmas trees bring a serene shimmer that resembles the glistening snow! With their lucent look and brilliant profile, Treetopias's white artificial Christmas trees are the perfect décor piece to achieve a winter wonderland home.
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Treetopia Full Winter White LED Christmas Tree Treetopia Mont Blanc Artificial Christmas Tree Treetopia Frosty Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree
  5'  6'  7'  8'  9'  10'  12'
  6'  7'  8'
  7'  9'
Treetopia Polaris White Artificial Christmas Tree Treetopia Moonlight White Artificial Christmas Tree Treetopia Hanukkah White Christmas Tree
  6'  7'
  5'  7'
  6'  7'
Treetopia Candy Cane Artificial Christmas Tree Treetopia Essentials - All Snowed in White Tree Treetopia Skim Milk White Pencil Artificial Christmas Tree
  5'  7'
4' 6' 7' 7.5' 8'
  6'  7'  9'
Treetopia Snowy Spruce Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree Treetopia Frozen Fir Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree Treetopia Color Blast Winter White Artificial Christmas Tree
  6'  7.5'
  6'  7.5'
Treetopia Zebra Striped Artificial Christmas Tree Treetopia Whisper Cashmere White Artificial Christmas Tree
  6'  7'
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Make any space a Winter Wonderland with a white artificial Christmas tree. Treetopia’s white trees make a great centerpiece for any holiday celebration and effortlessly complement any decorating theme or style. Who doesn’t dream about a white Christmas? Now you can bring that excitement to your own home with a white Christmas tree from Treetopia.

Have a White Christmas Tree

Think of your white Christmas tree as a blank canvas. You can add color with ornaments, according to your unique decorating style. Our white artificial Christmas trees also come in a variety of sizes, from 12-foot beauties made for the largest of rooms to small and slim white Christmas trees that are a perfect fit for a small apartment.

There are different tree shapes to choose from, too. Create a magical display with a full white tree. Or, use a slim white artificial tree to decorate a compact space. Our traditional green trees are generously flocked with faux snow. Meanwhile, our white Christmas trees with frosty foliage come in various shades. We also offer unique patterned trees with spiraling stripes for a playful vibe.

White trees come unlit, pre-lit, and in the Color Blast variety, which lets you customize lighting modes and create animated light shows. White Christmas trees with lights can be a convenient option for those who want quick decoration setups and prefer not to string their own lighting.

Decorating with a White Artificial Christmas Tree

A white tree is versatile and a great fit for most decorating styles and themes. For example, add sophisticated holiday cheer to a minimalist home with a slim white artificial Christmas tree. You won’t need many tree ornaments. In fact, you can even leave the tree bare. Or, complement it with a faux fur tree skirt and a matching white wreath or garland for the fireplace mantel. Also, you can’t go wrong with classic Christmas colors on a white tree. Red and green decorations, especially, pop against a white background. Trendy palettes like rose gold and blush, neutrals, coastal blues, and even a white monochrome theme are other gorgeous options for a white artificial Christmas tree.

May All Your Christmases—and Other Occasions—Be White

The Yuletide season isn’t the only time you can put up a white artificial tree. Halloween trees are quickly becoming a popular fixture at small gatherings and office events. Simply hang bat- or spider-shaped ornaments and other spooky decorations on your white tree. For monochromatic party décor, mix black-and-white pumpkins together with charcoal-colored tree picks.

Along with Halloween, white artificial trees are suited for Easter Sunday gatherings. Pastel-hued egg ornaments look perfect on eggshell-toned foliage. White trees also look wonderful with Fourth of July flags, Star Wars-themed ornaments for May the Fourth, and many more. So, when you’re planning your next event, consider adding a white tree into the mix.

Caring For Your White Christmas Tree

To keep your white artificial Christmas tree looking pristine, make sure to store it in a cool, dry place, and away from direct sunlight. It’s a good idea to keep it in a sturdy Christmas tree storage bag that protects it from the elements. Use a microfiber cloth or a scrub brush for cleaning dust. A small handheld vacuum with a brush attachment will work, too. For unlit white trees, use gentle dish soap and water. Steer clear of strong cleansers, which can discolor the foliage. And, for pre-lit white trees, never use liquid cleaning agents even when the tree is unplugged. This could damage the lights and void the warranty.

Shop White Christmas Trees from Treetopia

Create a beautiful backdrop for any event or space with our white artificial Christmas trees. Browse the Treetopia selection for other colorful Christmas trees!

"Love, love this tree.
Wanted something different this year and this tree was perfect.
Very full, exactly what I wanted."
by Lucyann
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