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Traditional Christmas Trees by Height

Treetopia's under 6 foot Christmas trees are perfect as traditional décor.

6 - 6.5 FOOT TREES
6 - 6.5 FOOT TREES
Our 6 foot to 6.5 foot Christmas trees look stunning in rooms with average-height ceilings!

7 - 7.5 FOOT TREES
7 - 7.5 FOOT TREES
Green and tall, Treetopia's 7 foot to 7.5 foot Christmas trees are all-time favorites!

Display our 8 foot artificial Christmas trees in rooms with high ceilings.

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Decorating with artificial Christmas trees opens a world of style and sizing options. To get the perfect fit for your home, browse Treetopia’s selection of tall, small, and average Christmas tree heights.

Christmas Tree Heights for Every Space

Measure the length of your decorating area, then subtract a foot from this number to get your tree’s height. For example, an average Christmas tree height of 7 to 7.5 feet is ideal for rooms with 8 to 9 feet of vertical space. Once you have the measurement, filter your options by height category.

  • Under 6 feet – Bring holiday fun to compact rooms with small Christmas trees. These are 4 to 5.5-feet tall and take up little space. So, they’re easy to set-up, decorate, and store. Place them on tabletops and other elevated surfaces to keep them away from nosy pets.
  • 6 to 6.5 feet – These are ideal for small apartments and homes with low ceilings. They’re a little bit shorter than the average Christmas tree height but still offer the look of a full-sized display.
  • 7 to 7.5 feet – If you have a mid-sized home, our popular 7-foot trees could be the perfect choice. Use trees of this height as the main display in your living room, foyer, or bedroom.
  • 8 feet and over – Take advantage of a high or vaulted ceiling with grand trees measuring 8 feet and above. These tall artificial Christmas trees are great for large spaces with higher than usual ceilings of about 10 to 11 feet.

After finding the right Christmas tree height, determine the tree shape that matches your floor area. Get the width of your designated space, then subtract a foot from this number. Compare it with the diameter of your tree to determine what tree shape suits your display area.

A regular full Christmas tree is your best bet if you prefer a traditional look. With its wide diameter, this shape offers plenty of room for your prized tree decorations. Slim Christmas trees are a great alternative if you have a smaller space but still want a full look. Choose from Treetopia’s pencil Christmas trees to give tighter areas holiday cheer.

Flatback and corner trees rest snugly against walls and corners, making them ideal for dorm rooms and tiny flats. Embrace your zany side with our upside-down Christmas trees. We've turned these on their heads to make room for more presents and decorations.

Pre-lit Christmas Trees for Your Convenience

Our pre-lit Christmas trees are professionally hand-strung to avoid the unsightly appearance of tangled wires. Choose a tree with clear lights for a classic warm glow or multi-lit variants that feature a playful mix of jewel-toned bulbs. Enjoy both options with our Color-changing LED trees that allow you to switch from clear to multicolor at the touch of a button.

Impress your guests with the animated light shows of our Color Blast Christmas trees. Select from pre-set effects or customize colors, brightness, and animation speed through a remote control. For fast and easy assembly, choose pre-lit trees with Quick Set technology. All light strings are automatically connected within the trunk upon setting up. A single plug is all it takes to light up your tree.

Visit Treetopia’s website to find Christmas trees in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Check out our Christmas tree height guide for more tips.

"This tree was very easy to set up, fits perfectly in the space I had in mind,
and I would most definitely recommend this little gem
to anyone looking for this type of tree. I love it!"
by Cindy C.
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