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Colorful Clear Lighted Artificial Christmas Trees

Clear Prelit
Colorful Trees
Treetopia has the perfect line-up of Christmas trees that sparkle with elegance. Any color from our collection of artificial colored trees with clear lights is a fascinating sight. Make your home the star of the night during Christmas celebrations with our clear prelit artificial colored trees.
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Treetopia Tuxedo Black Artificial Christmas Tree Treetopia Pretty in Pink Artificial Christmas Tree Treetopia Full Winter White LED Christmas Tree
  5'  6'  7.5'  9'
  4'  5'  6'  7.5'  9'
  6'  7'  8'  9'  10'  12'
Treetopia Toasted Champagne Gold Tinsel Christmas Tree Treetopia All That Glitters Pencil Artificial Christmas Tree Treetopia Some Like it Hot Pink Artificial Christmas Tree
  6'  7.5'
Treetopia Polaris White Artificial Christmas Tree Treetopia Full Basic Black Artificial Christmas Tree Treetopia Silver Shadow Ombre Artificial Christmas Tree
  6'  7'
  4'  6'  7.5'
  6'  7'  9'
Treetopia Tinkerbell Silver Artificial Christmas Tree Treetopia Artificial Basics Purple Christmas Tree Treetopia Artificial Basics White Chrsitmas Tree
  5'  6'  7'  9'
  6'  7.5'
4' 6' 7.5'
Treetopia Gold Artificial Christmas Tree Treetopia Frozen Fir Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree Treetopia Artificial Basics True Blue Christmas Tree
  4'  6'  7.5'
6' 7.5'
  4'  6'  7.5'
Treetopia Silver Stardust Tinsel Artificial Christmas Tree Treetopia Moonlight White Artificial Christmas Tree Treetopia Artificial Basics Silver Chrsitmas Tree
  4'  6'  7'
  5'  7'
  4'  6'  7.5'
Treetopia Red Red Pine Artificial Christmas Tree Treetopia Baby Blue Artificial Christmas Tree Treetopia Yellow Christmas Tree - Basics Collection
  6'  7'
5' 6' 7.5'
4' 6' 7.5'
Treetopia The 100% Orange Artificial Christmas Tree
5' 6' 7.5' 9'
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Show off your unique style with clear pre-lit colored Christmas trees. Treetopia’s selection of colored Christmas trees with clear lights let you put up a stunning display without breaking a sweat.

Pre-lit Colored Christmas Trees for Easy Decorating

Decorating is easier with a pre-lit Christmas tree. It saves you the effort of stringing your own lights so you can focus on decorating. Our clear pre-lit colored Christmas trees come with professionally hand-strung warm lights. Choose one or more from our colorful selection, then add ornaments that complement their vivid foliage.

For a Winter Wonderland theme, we recommend our white and flocked Christmas trees that work with most color palettes. Pair them with ornaments in frosty hues like silver, blue, white, or metallic ones with different textures for depth. Want a modern holiday display? Then a striking and sleek black Christmas tree is the way to go. Dress it up with white or pastel accessories for contrast or colorful geometric ornaments for contemporary cheer.

Looking for a centerpiece that matches your colorful personality? Browse our selection of colored Christmas trees with clear lights. Choose blue and purple to give your space a calming or regal vibe. Impress guests with a striking red centerpiece. Let a tree in sunny hues of yellow or orange brighten your space. Pink is a surefire way to create a charming and pretty display. Or dazzle and delight guests with shimmering silver or gold Christmas trees.

Use your artificial colored Christmas trees with clear lights to add magic to celebrations throughout the year. Transform a black or orange Christmas tree into a spook-tacular Halloween display with creepy ornaments. Add themed accents like party hats and tinsel on a metallic tree to add some glam to your New Year’s Eve party. Deck out a pink Christmas tree with red heart-shaped ornaments for Valentine’s Day and National Wear Red Day. Make a unique statement with Christmas tree themes for different occasions.

Colorful Artificial Christmas Trees in Various Size

Bring Christmas cheer to any space, big or small. We have various shapes and sizes of trees with clear-colored Christmas lights to fit your space. To get the right Christmas tree height, leave an allowance of at least six inches between the ceiling and the top of your tree, including the tree topper. For example, a 7.5-foot Christmas tree is ideal if you have a standard 9-foot ceiling and a 12-inch topper.

After choosing the right height, pick a tree shape. Full Christmas trees are perfect for wide spaces. This shape gives you more room to decorate. Pick a slim Christmas tree if you want a centerpiece with a traditional shape but don’t have the space to spare. Make it appear fuller by mixing and matching different ornament textures and shapes. Meanwhile, pencil Christmas trees have a slender silhouette that’s perfect for tight corners. These elegant trees tend to be low maintenance since they take up very little space and require fewer decorations.

Pre-lit colored Christmas trees let you create a shining holiday display with ease. Browse Treetopia’s full collection of artificial Christmas Trees for centerpieces in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

"Love, love this tree.
Wanted something different this year and this tree was perfect.
Very full, exactly what I wanted."
by Lucyann
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