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Colorful Christmas Trees on Sale

Colorful Trees
On Sale
Treetopia's colorful Christmas trees on sale add a sprinkle of energy and fun to your home this holiday season. With colors ranging from hot pink and vibrant red, to winter white and sparkling silver, these trees can be mixed and matched to bring any room to life. Select a discounted colorful Christmas tree from this collection, and get great value for your money.
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Tuxedo Black&reg; Christmas Tree <span>|6'|Full 41"|Clear </span> Pretty in Pink&reg; Tree <span>|9'|Full 62"|Pink </span> Tuxedo Black&reg; Christmas Tree <span>|7.5'|Full 57"|Clear </span>
clear6' pink9' clear7.5'
Toasted Champagne Gold Tinsel Tree
 <span>|6'|Full 49"|Clear </span> Polaris White Tree <span>|7'|Full 54"|Clear LED </span> Pitch Black Pine Tree <span>|6'|Full 40"|Unlit </span>
clear6' clear LED7' unlit6'
Pretty in Pink&reg; Tree <span>|6'|Full 46"|Clear LED </span> All That Glitters Pencil Tree <span>|7'|Pencil 23"|Clear </span> Tuxedo Black&reg; Christmas Tree <span>|7.5'|Full 56"|Clear LED </span>
clear LED6' clear7' clear LED7.5'
Winter White Christmas Tree <span>|10'|Full 62"|Clear </span> Color Burst Rainbow Artificial Christmas Tree Tuxedo Black&reg; Christmas Tree <span>|9'|Full 64"|Clear </span>
clear10' unlit7' clear9'
Toasted Champagne Gold Tinsel Tree
 <span>|6'|Full 49"|Unlit </span> Winter White Christmas Tree <span>|12'|Full 70"|Clear </span> Tuxedo Black&reg; Christmas Tree <span>|5'|Full 38"|Clear </span>
unlit6' clear12' clear5'
Some Like it Hot Pink Tree <span>|7'|Slim 47"|Unlit </span> Polaris White Tree <span>|6'|Full 50"|Clear LED </span> Treetopia Basics - Black Tree <span>|6'|Slim 32"|Clear </span>
unlit7' clear LED6' clear6'
Silver Shadow Ombre Tree <span>|9'|Slim 42"|Clear LED </span> Winter White Christmas Tree <span>|9'|Full 56"|Clear </span> Treetopia Basics - Black Tree <span>|4'|Slim 24"|Clear </span>
clear LED9' clear9' clear4'
Silver Shadow Ombre Tree <span>|7'|Slim 37"|Clear LED </span> Pretty in Pink&reg; Tree <span>|5'|Full 36"|Pink </span> Treetopia Basics - White Tree <span>|6'|Slim 32"|Clear </span>
clear LED7' pink5' clear6'
Pretty in Pink&reg; Tree <span>|5'|Full 36"|Clear LED </span> Treetopia Basics - Black Tree <span>|7.5'|Slim 40"|Clear </span> Winter White Christmas Tree <span>|6'|Full 41"|Clear </span>
clear LED5' clear7.5' clear6'
Treetopia Basics - Purple Tree <span>|6'|Slim 32"|Clear </span> Tinkerbell Silver Christmas Tree <span>|7'|Slim 47"|Clear </span> Pretty in Pink&trade; Tree <span>|4'|Full 38"|Pink </span>
clear6' clear7' pink4'
Pitch Black Pine Tree <span>|7.5'|Full 52"|Unlit </span> Treetopia Basics - Purple Tree <span>|7.5'|Slim 40"|Clear </span> Tuxedo Black&reg; Christmas Tree <span>|9'|Full 64"|Clear LED </span>
unlit7.5' clear7.5' clear LED9'
Winter White Christmas Tree <span>|7'|Full 48"|Multi </span> Tinkerbell Silver Christmas Tree <span>|6'|Slim 43"|Clear LED </span> Pretty in Pink&reg; Tree <span>|6'|Full 46"|Unlit </span>
multi7' clear LED6' unlit6'
Moonlight White Christmas Tree <span>|5'|Slim 40"|Clear </span> Pitch Black Pine Tree <span>|9'|Full 60"|Unlit </span> Zebra Striped Christmas Tree <span>|7'|Full 46"|Unlit </span>
clear5' unlit9' unlit7'
Lipstick Red&reg; Christmas Tree <span>|5'|Full 40"|Red </span> Tuxedo Black&reg; Christmas Tree <span>|6'|Full 44"|Clear LED </span> Pretty in Pink&reg; Tree <span>|5'|Full 36"|Unlit </span>
red5' clear LED6' unlit5'
Red Red Pine <span>|6'|Slim 43"|Clear </span> Winter White Christmas Tree <span>|9'|Full 56"|Clear LED </span> Silver Stardust Tinsel Tree&reg;  <span>|4'|Full 32"|Clear </span>
clear6' clear LED9' clear4'
Baby Blue Christmas Tree <span>|5'|Full 36"|Clear </span> Tinkerbell Silver Christmas Tree <span>|5'|Slim 40"|Clear </span> Pretty in Pink&reg; Tree <span>|6'|Full 46"|Pink </span>
clear5' clear5' pink6'
Black Gold Ombre Tree <span>|6'|Slim 33"|Clear LED </span> Treetopia Basics - Silver Tree <span>|4'|Slim 24"|Clear </span> Winter White Christmas Tree <span>|8'|Full 50"|Clear LED </span>
clear LED6' clear4' clear LED8'
Treetopia Basics - Silver Tree <span>|6'|Slim 32"|Clear </span>
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Go big this holiday season with a Treetopia Christmas tree that celebrates your true personality. Choose from any of our colorful artificial Christmas trees on sale and style the holidays your way. Check out our Christmas trees sale to find the perfect pink or rainbow Christmas tree of your dreams.

Colorful Artificial Christmas Trees on Sale

What’s more exciting than finding an artificial Christmas tree in your favorite color? Finding one that’s on sale, of course! From baby blues to intense reds to shimmering golds, Treetopia offers a wide variety of colored Christmas trees on sale. Whatever theme or style you prefer, our colorful Christmas trees are sure to fit right into your home. From the latest and greatest trends in colored Christmas trees to an impressive collection of good ol’ fashioned green artificial Christmas trees, we have you covered. Whether you’re looking for something red and classy or pink and sassy, Treetopia’s colorful Christmas trees are the perfect canvas to showcase your style and creativity.

A Treetopia Tree for All Occasions: Colored Christmas Trees on Sale

Stand out from the crowd and put up a unique artificial tree for any and all of your celebrations throughout the year. Wow your guests with a stunning blue tree on your birthday party, or surprise mom with a pretty pink tree on her special day. Delight the kids on Halloween as you gather ‘round that outrageous orange tree or scare the daylights out of trick-and-treaters with a spooky black Christmas tree. Time for the playoffs? Be the ultimate fan and show the team your full support with a tree that showcases their colors. There’s no need to wait for the holidays to decorate! Browse the Treetopia Christmas tree sale so you can begin setting up your tree soon. Celebrate life’s little moments with a Treetopia colored Christmas tree and make every day memorable.

Colored Christmas Trees for Every Personality

Here at Treetopia, we aspire to inspire your colorful expression. We offer a huge assortment of colored Christmas trees on sale to match your mood and decorating style. Here are some of our most popular collections to check out.

The Basics Collection

Basic, yes. Boring, never. Our Basics Collection includes artificial Christmas trees in solid primary and secondary colors. Pick your reds, yellows, and blues or go for bolder shades like purple, orange, and black. Whatever basic color you choose, you can rest assured it will never be boring! You won’t believe the incredible deals we have on our Christmas tree sale.

The Pastels Collection

Treetopia’s Pastels Collection features colorful, unique artificial Christmas trees in soft and subtle hues. One of our most popular trees, Pretty in Pink features baby pink needles with matching pink bulbs, light strands, and tree stand. There’s also a matching wreath and garland to complete your pink Christmas fantasies.

The Brights Collection

Nothing livens up a living room during the holidays than a brightly colored Christmas tree from our Brights Collection. Choose the 100% Orange Christmas Tree or Lipstick Red Christmas Tree to add vivid pops of color to your decorating theme.

Add instant cheer to your home decorating and gatherings with any of our colorful Christmas trees. Find the perfect centerpiece from Treetopia’s Christmas tree sale and enjoy the best deals on colorful Christmas trees this season.

“Love, love this tree.
Wanted something different this year and this tree was perfect.
Very full, exactly what I wanted.”
by Lucyann
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