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Take A Stand Tree Storage Bag
Original $339.00
Sale $179.99
Roll With It Tree Storage Bag
Original $149.00
Sale $89.99
On A Roll Tree Storage Bag
Original $179.00
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Bag It Up Tree Storage Bag
Original $139.00
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  Fits up to 7.5' trees
  Fits up to 7.5' trees
  Fits up to 9' trees
  Fits up to 9' trees
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Give your artificial tree its own little gift this Christmas. Treetopia’s handsome Christmas tree storage bags are made of durable materials to give your tree much needed safety and protection while it hibernates until the next Christmas season. Our Christmas tree storage bags have a host of great features to help preserve your gorgeous trees while they enjoy some much deserved beauty rest.

How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree Storage Bag

While it’s tempting to just shove the tree back in the box that it came in, it most likely wouldn’t fit because you’ve already fluffed and shaped the branches. Trying to compress the tree back in the shape it shipped in will surely be time-consuming and stressful, so why put yourself through all that trouble?

Luckily, there are dedicated Christmas tree storage bags for you to choose from. These special Christmas tree containers make sure that your tree keeps its tip-top shape even when stowed away until the next holiday season.

Here are some questions to ask when choosing the right Christmas tree storage bag.

Where will your Christmas tree storage be?

Consider where you will be storing the tree and how much space you actually have. Is it down in the basement, up in the attic, or in a closet? This will help you determine if you should get an  upright Christmas tree storage bag or a standard one that lays flat.

How big is your Christmas tree?

Measure your tree at the widest point and if it comes in separate pieces, the length of the longest section. Choose a bag that is big enough to fit the tree without it shifting around so much. You can also get several bags if the tree sections are too big.

How are you going to transport the Christmas tree storage bags?

A Christmas tree storage bag with wheels is the easiest way to move your tree from one area to the next. Check out our Take a Stand Storage Bag—it is an upright Christmas tree storage bag with wheels! Another option is the use a dolly cart to transport the bags, if it’s too heavy or there are several of them. You can also bring the sections to the final storage space before packing them up to minimize heavy lifting.

How to Use a Christmas Tree Storage Bag

You can certainly keep your tree out on display all year long. But if you do decide that it’s time to take it down, then it helps to have a dedicated Christmas tree storage container to keep it snug while in slumber.

Below are step-by-step instructions you can use on how to fit your artificial tree in a storage bag or container.

  1. Remove all the decorations and lights. If you have a pre-lit Christmas tree, make sure to unplug the lights from the wall socket first.
  2. Treetopia pre-lit trees come in sections, so you will need to manually detach the light connections between sections. If you used your own Christmas lights on the tree, remove them and wrap the strings around a cardboard box for storage.
  3. While you’re at it, consider dusting the branches or using a small handheld vacuum cleaner so that the tree is clean when you unpack it next year.
  4. Starting from the top, de-fluff each section to compress the branches. Pull up the hinged branches towards the trunk, compress the branches some more, tie a ribbon around the section, and disconnect it from the center pole. Repeat the same steps for the remaining sections.
  5. Place the sections in the storage bags similar to how you would place shoes in a box. If there’s extra space, stuff in your garlands to keep them snug. Zip up the bags to keep out insects and dust.
  6. Finally, store the bags in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Good quality storage bags are great a way to keep your Christmas tree protected when not in use. Browse our selection of artificial Christmas trees and colorful trees if you need a new tree for the holiday season, or visit our blog for more decorating tips and guides.

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