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Artificial Wreaths and Garlands on Sale

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Tuxedo Black Garland <span>|10'|12"|Clear </span> Tinkerbell Silver Wreath  <span>|26" | 26" | Clear LED </span> Balsam Spruce Garland - 4 pack <span>|9' | 10" | Clear LED </span> No. 2 Pencil Garland <span>|9' | 10" | Clear LED </span>
Tuxedo Black Garland |10'|12"|Clear
Original $149.00
Sale $89.99
clear10' clear LED26" clear LED9' clear LED9'
Tinkerbell Silver Garland <span>|9' | 10" | Clear LED </span> Balsam Spruce Garland - 2 pack <span>|9' | 10" | Unlit </span> Balsam Spruce Garland - 2 pack <span>|9' | 10" | Clear LED </span> Balsam Spruce Wreath - 2 pack <span>|26" | 26" | Clear LED </span>
clear LED9' unlit9' clear LED9' clear LED26"
Tuxedo Black Garland <span>|10' | 12" | Clear LED </span> Winter White Garland <span>|10' | 12" | Clear LED </span> Winter White Wreath <span>|26" | 26" | Clear LED </span> Balsam Spruce Wreath - 4 pack <span>|26" | 26" | Unlit </span>
clear LED10' clear LED10' clear LED26" unlit26"
No. 2 Pencil Wreath <span>|26" | 26" | Clear LED </span> Balsam Spruce Wreath - 2 pack <span>|26" | 26" | Unlit </span> Asheville Pine Garland - 2 pack <span>|18'|8"|Unlit </span> Pretty in Pink Garland <span>|10'|12"|Pink </span>
Asheville Pine Garland - 2 pack |18'|8"|Unlit
Original $169.00
Clearance $89.88
Pretty in Pink Garland |10'|12"|Pink
Original $149.00
Sale $79.99
clear LED26" unlit26" unlit18' pink10'
Tuxedo Black Wreath <span>|30"|30"|Clear </span> Color Burst Rainbow Wreath <span>|24"|24"|Unlit </span> All that Glitters Garland <span>|10'|12"|Unlit </span> Toasted Champagne Garland <span>|10'|12"|Clear </span>
Tuxedo Black Wreath |30"|30"|Clear
Original $149.00
Sale $79.99
Color Burst Rainbow Wreath |24"|24"|Unlit
Original $99.00
Clearance $39.88
All that Glitters Garland |10'|12"|Unlit
Original $149.00
Clearance $79.88
Toasted Champagne Garland |10'|12"|Clear
Original $149.00
Clearance $79.88
clear30" unlit24" unlit10' clear10'
Candy Green Jeweled Holiday Wreath Pretty in Pink Wreath <span>|24"|24"|Pink </span> Candy Green Jeweled Holiday Garland Addison Spruce Wreath <span>|24" | 24" | Clear LED </span>
Pretty in Pink Wreath |24"|24"|Pink
Original $99.00
Sale $79.99
unlit30" pink24" unlit6' clear LED24"
Winter White Wreath <span>|30"|30"|Unlit </span> Sadie Fir Wreath <span>|24" | 24" | Clear LED </span> Merry Mixed Pine Wreath <span>|24"|24"|Unlit </span> Toasted Champagne Wreath <span>|24"|24"|Clear </span>
Winter White Wreath |30"|30"|Unlit
Original $99.00
Sale $59.99
Sadie Fir Wreath |24" | 24" | Clear LED
Original $99.00
Clearance $49.88
Merry Mixed Pine Wreath |24"|24"|Unlit
Original $99.00
Clearance $49.88
Toasted Champagne Wreath |24"|24"|Clear
Original $119.00
Clearance $59.88
unlit30" clear LED24" unlit24" clear24"
Winter Harvest Wreath <span>|24"|24"|Unlit </span> Asheville Pine Wreath <span>|36"|36"|Clear </span>
Winter Harvest Wreath |24"|24"|Unlit
Original $119.00
Clearance $59.88
Asheville Pine Wreath |36"|36"|Clear
Original $169.00
Clearance $99.99
unlit24" clear36"
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Treetopia's garlands and wreaths for sale are expertly designed and professionally crafted from premium materials to provide the highest level of style and quality. Through our prelit wreaths and garlands sale, we are able to provide our customers true value for money and the opportunity to decorate their homes in new and exciting ways.
“The wreath and garland is even prettier than in the picture.
The garland looks beautiful on my stair rail
and the wreath lights up the room.”
by Patty
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