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Unlit Colorful Artificial Christmas Trees

Unlit Colorful
Christmas Trees
For a simple but vibrant home, Treetopia's unlit artificial colored Christmas trees are the ideal centerpiece for the holidays. Whether decorated the traditional way or infused with your personal style, our unlit colored Christmas trees give your space a livelier atmosphere.
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Rainbow Unicorn Christmas Tree <span>|4'|Full 29"|Unlit </span> The Original Rainbow Christmas Tree&trade; <span>|4'|Full 29"|Unlit </span> Pretty in Pink&reg; Christmas Tree <span>|5'|Full 38"|Unlit </span>
unlit4' unlit4' unlit5'
Pretty In Pink&reg; Christmas Tree <span>|7'|Full 49"|Unlit </span> Candy Cane Christmas Tree <span>|7'|Full 46"|Unlit </span> Tuxedo Black&reg; Christmas Tree <span>|7'|Full 49"|Unlit </span>
unlit7' unlit7' unlit7'
Rainbow Unicorn Christmas Tree <span>|7'|Full 46"|Unlit </span> Winter White Christmas Tree <span>|6'|Full 45"|Unlit </span> Rainbow Unicorn Mini Trees <span>|12"|Table 7"|Unlit </span>
unlit7' unlit6' unlit12"
Candy Cane Christmas Tree <span>|5'|Slim 28"|Unlit </span> Pretty In Pink&reg; Christmas Tree <span>|8'|Full 54"|Unlit </span> Mini Gumdrop Rainbow Trees <span>|12"|Table 7"|Unlit </span>
unlit5' unlit8' unlit12"
Color Burst Rainbow Artificial Christmas Tree Rainbow Unicorn Christmas Tree <span>|6'|Full 42"|Unlit </span> The Original Rainbow Christmas Tree&trade; <span>|6'|Full 42"|Unlit </span>
unlit7' unlit6' unlit6'
Pretty in Pink&reg; Christmas Tree <span>|6'|Full 49"|Unlit </span> Rainbow Unicorn Christmas Tree <span>|5'|Full 36"|Unlit </span> Moonlight White Christmas Tree <span>|6'|Slim 43"|Unlit </span>
unlit6' unlit5' unlit6'
Winter White Christmas Tree <span>|7'|Full 49"|Unlit </span> Winter White Christmas Tree <span>|5'|Full 38"|Unlit </span> Silver Stardust Tinsel Tree&reg; <span>|7'|Full 49"|Unlit </span>
unlit7' unlit5' unlit7'
Tuxedo Black&reg; Christmas Tree <span>|8'|Full 54"|Unlit </span> Winter White Christmas Tree <span>|8'|Full 54"|Unlit </span> The Original Rainbow Christmas Tree&trade; <span>|8'|Full 50"|Unlit </span>
unlit8' unlit8' unlit8'
Pitch Black Pine Tree <span>|7.5'|Full 52"|Unlit </span> Moonlight White Christmas Tree <span>|7'|Slim 47"|Unlit </span> Moonlight White Christmas Tree <span>|8'|Slim 50"|Unlit </span>
unlit7.5' unlit7' unlit8'
Tinkerbell Silver Christmas Tree <span>|6'|Slim 43"|Unlit </span> Tuxedo Black&reg; Christmas Tree <span>|5'|Full 38"|Unlit </span> Tinkerbell Silver Christmas Tree <span>|7'|Slim 47"|Unlit </span>
unlit6' unlit5' unlit7'
Silver Stardust Tinsel Tree&reg; <span>|5'|Full 38"|Unlit </span> Silver Stardust Tinsel Tree&reg; <span>|6'|Full 45"|Unlit </span> Tinkerbell Silver Christmas Tree <span>|8'|Slim 50"|Unlit </span>
unlit5' unlit6' unlit8'
Silver Stardust Tinsel Tree&reg; <span>|8'|Full 54"|Unlit </span> Zebra Striped Christmas Tree <span>|7'|Full 46"|Unlit </span> Pitch Black Pine Tree <span>|6'|Full 40"|Unlit </span>
unlit8' unlit7' unlit6'
Pitch Black Pine Tree <span>|9'|Full 60"|Unlit </span>
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Express yourself with a colorfully unique holiday centerpiece. Choose from Treetopia's collection of unlit artificial colorful Christmas trees. These are crafted from high-quality materials and designed by experts. Get that premium look from the vibrant needles down to the color-matched tree stand.

Unlit Artificial Colorful Christmas Trees: Let the Foliage Shine

These aren’t your ordinary artificial Christmas trees. They have needles made from colorful and durable PVC or flame-retardant tinsel. Shape and fluff these gorgeous full or slim trees to your liking. Let the abundant and vibrant foliage of unlit colorful Christmas trees serve as the backdrop for your favorite ornaments. Fully hinged branches make them easy to set up, leaving you with more time to decorate.

Decorating Your Space with Unlit Artificial Colorful Christmas Trees

We’re all about celebrating what makes you unique. Look at these options to see what hues represent your style and personality. Here are some colorful Christmas trees to choose from:

  • White - Bring in the feel of winter outdoors with one of the most popular choices after traditional green. There are so many ways to decorate a tree in this color. Go minimal, whimsical, over-the-top, and more! Work your magic into a white Christmas tree.
  • Black - A black Christmas tree works with most decorating themes whether edgy, creepy, chic, or crazy. Play with different ornament colors or stick to a dark palette. Neon or classy decorations in muted shades are good choices, too. There’s no need to hold back with a black tree.
  • Pastel Tones - Check out the pretty and sturdy pastel-colored artificial trees in our collection. Have fun playing up the sweet hues and matching them with soft shades or create a striking contrast with dark complementary tones. How about black, gray, or midnight blue for a pink Christmas tree?
  • Vivid and Bright Hues - Love a showstopper? Decorate with a tree in a stunning shade like red, orange, or royal blue. Pair one with decorations to set the mood and impress friends and family. For instance, a red Christmas tree makes a stylish statement and adds excitement to any space. Turn up the holiday cheer with golden ornament balls and tree garlands.
  • Metallics - Dial up the sparkle in your celebrations with shimmering Christmas trees! Champagne or rosé-inspired foliage are a feast for the eyes. Find monochromatic ornaments to make the metallic colors pop. Don’t forget to complete the décor with a shiny tree topper!
  • Patterns - Add flair to your space with any of our multicolor Christmas trees. Pick out one in a combination of colors that speaks to your individuality. What’s great is that unlit colored Christmas trees work for other occasions, too. For instance, a rainbow tree can also be used for Mardi Gras or Pride Month. A candy cane-patterned one works for Valentine’s Day and whimsical Christmas parties, too.

Enjoy more decorating flexibility with unlit colored Christmas trees. Who needs lights when the vibrant foliage perks up any space? You have the option of stringing lights if you want things extra brilliant. Don’t forget to complete your colorful holiday décor with our colorful wreaths and garlands. Celebrate Christmas and year-round holidays with Treetopia!

"Love, love this tree.
Wanted something different this year and this tree was perfect.
Very full, exactly what I wanted."
by Lucyann
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