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UNLIT GREEN CHRISTMAS TREES These trees are made with lifelike needles molded
from PE to make them appear just like the real thing.
SUPERB QUALITY Hand-crafted classics
with a 5 year foliage &
2 year light warranty
STYLISH SAVINGS Lush green trees
designed to fit your
look on any budget
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Unlit Artificial Christmas Trees

Unlit Artificial
Christmas Trees
If you're looking for natural-looking holiday décor that lasts a long time, choose from Treetopia's selection of lush, unlit artificial Christmas trees. These unlit Christmas trees allow you freedom to use traditional or quirky ornaments as your Christmas decorations.
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Balsam Spruce <span>|4'|Full 33"|Unlit </span> Balsam Spruce <span>|9'|Full 68"|Unlit </span> Balsam Spruce <span>|6'|Full 47"|Unlit </span>
unlit4' unlit9' unlit6'
Balsam Spruce <span>|7'|Full 50"|Unlit </span> Alexander Fir&reg; Tree <span>|9'|Full 66"|Unlit </span> Knocked Upside Down Christmas Tree <span>|7'|Full 50"|Unlit </span>
unlit7' unlit9' unlit7'
Alexander Fir&reg; Tree <span>|7.5'|Full 59"|Unlit </span> Alexander Fir&reg; Tree <span>|6.5'|Full 55"|Unlit </span> Balsam Spruce <span>|8'|Full 59"|Unlit </span>
unlit7.5' unlit6.5' unlit8'
Kennedy Fir <span>|9'|Slim 50"|Unlit </span> Luxe Balsam Spruce <span>|9'|Full 61"|Unlit </span> No. 2 Pencil Christmas Tree <span>|6'|Pencil 18"|Unlit </span>
unlit9' unlit9' unlit6'
No. 2 Pencil Christmas Tree <span>|7.5'|Pencil 20"|Unlit </span>
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Create a holiday look that’s uniquely you with Treetopia’s collection of unlit artificial Christmas trees. The best unlit artificial Christmas trees make the perfect blank canvas to show off your decorating style!

What Makes Our Unlit Artificial Christmas Trees So Special?

  • Treetopia unlit Christmas trees are composed of two different kinds of foliage. Our Classic Christmas Trees are crafted from high-quality and resilient PVC to balance budget and durability. Meanwhile, our Realistic Christmas Trees are designed to recreate the natural beauty of evergreens in nature.
  • The best unlit artificial Christmas tree feature is its versatile look, suitable for any style or space. Treetopia’s unlit Christmas trees are available in a variety of shapes. Full Trees look great in wide spaces and standard-sized rooms. Have limited space and need a slimmer option? Our unlit pencil Christmas trees are perfect for narrow areas and tight corners. Add a quirky twist to your holiday decorating with one-of-a-kind Upside-down Trees. Its inverted shape is not only an attention-grabber, but also saves on floor space so there’s more room for presents!
  • Treetopia’s unlit Christmas trees are available in a variety of heights. Our unlit artificial Christmas trees range from as low as 4 feet for tabletops or kids’ rooms, to as high as 9 feet for rooms with high ceilings and open areas.
  • Many of our unlit artificial Christmas trees come with fully hinged branches. This allows for a quick and simple assembly and gives you more time for actual celebrating.
  • Our trees are crafted with flame-retardant materials so you can enjoy worry-free holiday set-ups season after season.

Best Ways to Enjoy Your Unlit Christmas Trees

  • Come up with customized light displays. With an unlit Christmas tree, you have the freedom to mix and match lights and customize them for every occasion imaginable. From lighted ornaments and garlands, to the simplest or fanciest of light strings, you have the power to light up your tree in countless ways when you buy an unlit artificial Christmas tree.
  • Design it your own way. An undecorated tree gives endless opportunities to express your creativity. Craft DIY ornaments and make it beautifully unique. Make your own photo frame ornaments and personalized snow globes for Christmas. Decorate your tree with origami hearts and paper flowers for Valentine’s. Hang cute bunnies and egg trinkets for Easter. Hype up the spirit for game day by decking your unlit tree with your favorite team’s colors and memorabilia. Just like a blank canvas, our unlit artificial Christmas trees make anything possible!
  • Use it as year-round greenery. A beautiful unlit Christmas tree is a timeless decoration you can display anywhere in your home. For instance, you can use a pair of unlit pencil Christmas trees to flank doors and entryways. Place a tree in any space that needs brightening up. Decorate your tree according to the season or special occasion for some year-long fun.

Express yourself and create a festive tree that truly defines you! Browse our best unlit artificial Christmas tree options now and find the one that will match your year-round decorating plans.

Want to add pops of color to your home and workspaces? Check out Treetopia’s Best-selling Colorful Christmas Trees. Don’t forget to browse our assortment of Wreaths and Garlands to complete your design!

"This tree was very easy to set up, fits perfectly in the space I had in mind,
and I would most definitely recommend this little gem
to anyone looking for this type of tree. I love it!"
by Cindy C.
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