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5 to 5.5 Foot Colorful Christmas Trees

5 - 5½ Foot Colorful
Christmas Trees
Never underestimate the arresting quality of short trees. Our 5 and 5½ foot colorful Christmas trees may be on the smaller size, but their lively colors make any room stand out. Select a piece from Treetopia's artificial colorful Christmas trees to add an interesting detail to your home this Christmas season.
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It's Azure Thing Blue Christmas Tree <span>|5'|Full 38"|Clear LED </span> Rainbow Unicorn Christmas Tree <span>|5'|Full 36"|Unlit </span> Pretty in Pink&reg; Christmas Tree <span>|5'|Full 38"|Clear LED </span>
clear LED5' unlit5' clear LED5'
Candy Cane Christmas Tree <span>|5'|Slim 28"|Unlit </span> Tuxedo Black&reg; Christmas Tree <span>|5'|Full 38"|Unlit </span> 100% Orange Christmas Tree <span>|5'|Full 38"|Clear LED </span>
unlit5' unlit5' clear LED5'
Tuxedo Black&reg; Christmas Tree <span>|5'|Full 38"|Clear LED </span> Silver Stardust Tinsel Tree&reg; <span>|5'|Full 38"|Clear LED </span> Silver Stardust Tinsel Tree&reg; <span>|5'|Full 38"|Unlit </span>
clear LED5' clear LED5' unlit5'
Lipstick Red&reg; Christmas Tree <span>|5'|Full 38"|Red LED </span> Winter White Christmas Tree <span>|5'|Full 38"|Clear LED </span> Pretty in Pink&reg; Christmas Tree <span>|5'|Full 38"|Unlit </span>
red LED5' clear LED5' unlit5'
Winter White Christmas Tree <span>|5'|Full 38"|Unlit </span> Gold Rush Christmas Tree <span>|5'|Full 38"|Clear LED </span>
unlit5' clear LED5'
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Decorating a small area of your home for the holidays? Select from Treetopia's 5 foot colored Christmas trees. These unique centerpieces are ideal for limited headroom and space.

A Lovely Variety of Hues

Choose a vibrant artificial tree that reflects your personality and decorating style. Every Treetopia colorful Christmas tree is made from high-quality PVC or tinsel. Here are some shades featured in our collection:

  • Pretty Pastels

Play with light hues like pink and baby blue. Show your soft side by choosing decorations with light tints. Or display ornaments inspired by whimsical characters like unicorns. Aside from Christmas, pastel-colored trees are perfect for holidays like Easter.

  • Bright and Vivid Shades

Go for a bold decorating theme with trees in bright shades like red and orange. Accent the vibrant foliage colors with muted shades like silver and black. Put up these trees with autumn colors for fall or Halloween, too.

  • No-Fail Neutrals

Got a collection of bright or rainbow-colored ornaments? Display them on a black or white Christmas tree. Let it serve as your blank canvas to showcase your unique style. Another option is to hang them on a silver tree. Let the tinsel needles shine a spotlight on your decorations.

  • Magical Multicolor Patterns

Fancy two or more hues? Our patterned Christmas trees let you play with candy cane stripes and silver and gold ombre. Look for monochromatic ornaments that will highlight the unique tree colors and patterns.

Fabulous Features of 5 Foot Colored Christmas Trees

Go for a short yet full shape tree for an area with plenty of floor space but a low headroom. Select a slim Christmas tree if you're working with a compact room. After considering your space, determine your lighting option based on your theme and styling preferences. An unlit tree gives you flexibility when it comes to stringing up your lights. Alternatively, choose from different types of 5 ft pre-lit colored Christmas trees with clear, clear LED, or colorful lights. These come with a color-matching tree stand and light strings.

Decorating Ideas with 5 Foot Colored Christmas Trees

A small but gorgeous tree can still command a room. It's ideal for living rooms, dens, and even dining rooms with low headroom. Display it on top of a tabletop in high-ceiling rooms. Aside from the usual display areas, a short tree can be used for other rooms, too. Take inspiration from the following to make a standout holiday display:

  • Cheerful Ornament for a Home Office

Brighten up a corner of your home office or study. Let it be a spot of cheer that reminds you to take a break every now and then. Pick a tree in red or orange to keep the mind alert. A blue one helps you communicate better and stimulates intellect. Choose a five foot pre-lit colored Christmas tree to enhance the ambience, too.

  • Mini Tree for Your Mini-Me

Shorter trees make excellent decorations for a kidís bedroom or playroom. Think of a theme that encourages imagination and creativity. Base it on favorite fairytale characters, cartoons, colors, and more. Craft DIY ornaments with the kids and display them on the tree.

  • A Beautiful Accent for the Bedroom

Your bedroom is also a wonderful place to display your 5 foot colored Christmas trees. Recreate your theme of the full-sized tree in your living room or try a new one altogether. Consider adding a matching colorful wreath or garland above your headboard, too.

Shop 5 ft colored Christmas trees and the rest of our green Christmas trees at Treetopia! If youíre looking for a short yet more traditional holiday centerpiece, browse our collection of green Christmas trees under 6 feet.

"Love, love this tree.
Wanted something different this year and this tree was perfect.
Very full, exactly what I wanted."
by Lucyann
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