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$150 - $300 GREEN TREES Timeless green trees from $150-$300.
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$150-$300 Artificial Christmas Trees

$150 - $300 Artificial
Christmas Trees
Treetopia offers its customers on a budget a selection of high-quality $150 - $300 artificial Christmas trees. From classic to colorful and whimsical designs, there's a perfect holiday décor in Treetopia's list of Christmas trees that will fit your budget.
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Balsam Spruce <span>|4'|Full 33"|Unlit </span> No. 2 Pencil Christmas Tree <span>|6'|Pencil 18"|Unlit </span> Balsam Spruce <span>|4'|Full 33"|Clear LED </span> No. 2 Pencil Christmas Tree <span>|7.5'|Pencil 20"|Unlit </span>
unlit4' unlit6' clear LED4' unlit7.5'
No. 2 Pencil Christmas Tree <span>|6'|Pencil 18"|Clear & Multi LED </span> Balsam Spruce <span>|6'|Full 47"|Unlit </span> Balsam Spruce <span>|4'|Full 33"|Clear & Multi LED </span> Balsam Spruce <span>|6'|Full 47"|Clear LED </span>
clear & multi LED6' unlit6' clear & multi LED4' clear LED6'
Balsam Spruce <span>|7'|Full 50"|Unlit </span> Alexander Fir&reg; Tree <span>|6.5'|Full 55"|Unlit </span> My Better Half Christmas Tree <span>|7'|Flat 13"|Clear LED </span> Noble Fir <span>|5.5'|Full 39"|Clear & Multi LED </span>
unlit7' unlit6.5' clear LED7' clear & multi LED5.5'
No. 2 Pencil Christmas Tree <span>|7.5'|Pencil 20"|Clear & Multi LED </span> Knocked Upside Down Christmas Tree <span>|7'|Full 50"|Unlit </span> In Your Corner Christmas Tree <span>|7.5'|Corner 27"|Clear LED </span> Balsam Spruce <span>|7'|Full 51"|Clear LED </span>
clear & multi LED7.5' unlit7' clear LED7.5' clear LED7'
No. 2 Pencil Christmas Tree <span>|9'|Pencil 24"|Clear LED </span> Balsam Spruce <span>|6'|Full 47"|Clear & Multi LED </span> Addison Spruce&reg; <span>|6'|Slim 43"|Clear LED </span> Frosty Flocked Christmas Tree <span>|7'|Full 50"|Clear LED </span>
clear LED9' clear & multi LED6' clear LED6' clear LED7'
Noble Fir <span>|6.5'|Full 45"|Clear & Multi LED </span> Knocked Upside Down Christmas Tree <span>|7'|Full 50"|Clear LED </span> Snowy Spruce Flocked Christmas Tree <span>|6'|Full 36"|Clear LED </span>
clear & multi LED6.5' clear LED7' clear LED6'
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Love rockin’ around the Christmas tree? Treetopia offers a wide variety of affordable artificial Christmas trees that suit any occasion. If you're on a budget, choose from our collection of $150 to $300 Christmas trees.

Shop from a Tree-mendous Variety of $150 Christmas Trees

We offer green Christmas trees in different shapes and heights. Full silhouettes with a base measuring around 50 inches or more suits spacious rooms best. Consider narrow and pencil shaped trees if you're decorating smaller areas. Or browse other floor space-saving options like flatback and corner Christmas trees. If you're looking for something more unique, check out our upside-down tree.

Consider your ceiling height when choosing the size of your Christmas tree. We offer 6 to 7.5 foot selections, as well as trees under 6 feet if you have limited headroom. We also have artificial trees that are 8 feet and up if you have a high or vaulted ceiling. Also, taller trees are ideal if you're decorating a two-story living room. Make sure to leave at least 6 inches from the top of your tree (or topper) to the ceiling. Keep in mind that the taller your tree, the more ornaments and lights you need.

Compare the Foliage of $150 to $300 Christmas Trees

Most of our $150 Christmas trees are crafted with classic PVC needles. This traditional foliage type looks like fine strips of green plastic up-close. But, if you prefer lifelike greenery, select from our realistic Christmas trees. The needles of this variety are primarily made with injection-molded PE. Both types of needles are set on fully hinged branches for easy set-up.

Select from Brilliant Lighting Options

Are you looking for affordable artificial Christmas trees? Pick out an unlit artificial tree that you can decorate by stringing your own lights. Otherwise, choose from our pre-lit Christmas trees with professionally hand-strung ones. Clear incandescent or LED lighting gives your holiday centerpiece an ambient glow. Meanwhile, the multicolor variety makes it even more cheerful. Easily switch from clear to multicolor with our Color-Changing Christmas trees.

Get Creative with Green Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Think of a decorating theme for the holidays that inspires and excites you. Classic Christmas motifs look wonderful on a green artificial tree. Stick to foolproof colors like red, green, white, burgundy or gold. Collect vintage ornaments or for a charming and traditional holiday display. Don't forget to buy a matching wreath and garland.

There are many other decorating themes to explore! Make ornaments inspired by your favorite holiday movie. Another idea is to add accents in patterns like plaid, Nordic prints, and polka dots. You can also take inspiration from books, fairy tales, video games, and more.

The fun doesn’t have to stop at Christmas. Put up your tree for year-round celebrations. Simply change your ornaments to match the occasion. Metallic ornaments ring in the New Year while red, white, or pink ones look wonderful on a Valentine’s Day tree. Dress it up for spring or fall occasions like Easter and Thanksgiving. Complement the green foliage with colorful faux flowers and leaf garlands. Transform it with cobwebs, creepy critters, and candy to make a trick-or-treat tree for Halloween.

Shop $150 Christmas trees at Treetopia! For more unique options, check out our full collection of colorful Christmas trees.

"This tree was very easy to set up, fits perfectly in the space I had in mind,
and I would most definitely recommend this little gem
to anyone looking for this type of tree. I love it!"
by Cindy C.
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