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CLEAR-LIT COLORFUL TREES All the sparkle and none of the frustration - clear lights
accentuate your prelit colorful tree beautifully.
HIGHEST QUALITY Lush & vivid trees
with a 5 year foliage &
2 year light warranty
BEST SELECTION Extensive assortment
designed to match
any decorating theme

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Clear Prelit
Colorful Trees
Treetopia has the perfect line-up of Christmas trees that sparkle with elegance. Any color from our collection of artificial colored trees with clear lights is a fascinating sight. Make your home the star of the night during Christmas celebrations with our clear prelit artificial colored trees.
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clear6' clear7' clear7.5'
clear7' clear6' clear LED7'
clear9' clear LED7' clear7'
clear7.5' clear10' clear7.5'
clear6' clear7.5' clear6'
clear LED6' clear7' clear7'
clear7' clear7.5' clear9'
clear6' clear5' clear7.5'
clear6' clear6' clear7'
clear6' clear7' clear4'
clear7.5' clear LED8' clear6'
clear5' clear7' clear7'
clear6' clear6' clear LED9'
clear LED6' clear7.5' clear5'
clear6.5' clear7' clear7.5'
clear5' clear6' clear LED7'
clear7' clear6' clear6'
clear7' clear4' clear7.5'
clear8' clear7.5' clear9'
clear6' clear5' clear7.5'
clear7.5' clear4' clear7.5'
clear7.5' clear4' clear4'
clear6.5' clear4' clear4'
clear4' clear7.5' clear9'
clear4' clear7.5' clear6'
clear4' clear4' clear4'
clear7.5' clear9' clear6'
clear4' clear18" clear7'
clear LED9' clear6' clear6'
clear4' clear LED5' clear LED6'
clear LED7.5' clear LED6' clear LED7.5'
clear6' clear6' clear6'
clear LED9' clear12'
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Treetopia® proudly offers its fine selection of clear prelit artificial colored trees. Crafted with style and sophistication in mind, our prelit colorful Christmas trees are perfect for homeowners with unique tastes.
“Love, love this tree.
Wanted something different this year and this tree was perfect.
Very full, exactly what I wanted.”
by Lucyann
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